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Soda-Club Edition 1 Home Soda Maker

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One of the best products I ever purchased!


Personally I only drink club soda/seltzer water or plain water.  Since we bought our Soda Club unit I've saved plenty since it uses your tap water and I go through several bottles a day.  Add a squeeze of lemon or a twist of lime and you've got a refreshing drink.  All flavors or drink mixes are also available to make your favorite colas, available in diet versions too.  And its very easy to use even a child can make it, but watch that they don't spill.  We first saw this at a local Home Show two years ago, but you can purchase on-line or at some local distributors.  The gas bottles can be delivered to your door or I visit a local retailer since they are near by.  So drink up and save some money at the same time!

Hollywood, FL


Great soda you can make at home!


My husband LOVES Dr. Pepper.  He is what I call a Dr. Pepper acholic.  He must have a few a day to keep himself in good spirits.  I was tired of picking up his cans from all over the house.  I yearned to do something to better help the environment and make life a little easier for myself.  I was researching on the internet and found something called the Soda Club.  It's a neat little contraption that allows you to make your own soda from the comfort of your own home.  The Soda Club offers all kinds of neat husbands personal favorite is Pete's Choice, it kind of tastes like Dr. Pepper or so he says.  My little boy and I like orange the best.  They offer such flavors as cola, diet cola, lemon lime, tea, orange, name it and they probably have it.  You buy the unit from the Soda Club, or some specialty stores have it.   It comes with 2 reusable bottle, the unit inself, and a CO2 container.  You put water in the bottles, give 3 little pushes on the gizmo to add carbonation and then add your flavor!  How easy is that?!?!!!  You get delicious soda every time!  If you have one of the speciality stores near you, like I can trade your CO2 canisters in and get a new one for a cheaper price!  Yay!

Harrison, TN


you'll never buy soda from the store again


For better or worse, I drink a lot of liquids from water to tea to soda. Unfortunately, I'm getting older and I just can't survive on pure sugar any longer. I've tried switching wholesale to tea/coffee/water, but I get bored a little too easily and end up craving a soda here and there. I'm also not a big fan of diet-tasting drinks. Enter sodaclub. With the **Home Soda Maker**, you are combining cold water, carbonation, and syrup much like a fountain soda machine. The unit itself houses the carbonation unit, and nothing else. When you are ready to make your soda, you fill one of the bottles with cold tap water, screw it into the machine and hit the button on the top of the machine to inject the bubbles. The fizziness depends on how many times you hit the button and varies from pretty flat to ludicrous. Next, you unscrew the bottle, then add the syrup very slowly, close the bottle, and roll it around a bit to help it mix. Now you can choose to either chill the soda further in your fridge, drink it straight, or throw some ice on it. The machine itself is made almost entirely of plastic, but it is well constructed. The cover for the back is a bit awkward to replace after installing the carbonation canister, but not overtly so. The bottles are made from the same plastic as most of the mountain-climber styled water bottles, so they're practically indestructible. Which leads to my only real flaw, you can run over them with a tank, but you can't put them in the dishwasher. To sodaclub's credit, there is a different model that uses glass bottles, which you can put in the dishwasher. But, it's a more expensive unit, and I don't own it. Cost-wise the soda will run you right around name-brand soda when it's on sale.  You're not going to save a boatload of money with this product, but you will save a boatload of space in your trashcan since you won't be tossing out any 2-liters or aluminum cans.  Since I live on the third floor and don't like taking the trash out, this is a big boon for me.  As I mentioned above, I'm a sucralose, saccharin, Nutrasweet, etc hater.  Syrup from sodaclub comes in regular and diet varieties.  Diet uses Splenda, and I haven't tried any of those flavors but I hear they are pretty good.  Regular is a bit of a misnomer as it's half sugar and half Splenda, and had I known that ahead of time I probably wouldn't have tried it.  However, I didn't and it tastes pretty normal so maybe there's some magic ratio where there's enough sugar to keep it from tasting diet-ey.  I will say the cola flavors do tend to hint at the Splenda a bit more than the citrus style flavors do. **So what's it taste like?**  There are a ton of flavors and I haven't had a one that tastes bad.  I'm not a big fan of the cola's just because I drink a lot of coke and it's more a Pepsi taste.  The Dr Pepper clone is more like vanilla cola, but it's good.  I prefer the Mountain Dew clone to the real thing as it's not as sweet.  The root beer is another favorite of mine.  And I **LOVE**, the orange flavor.  It tastes exactly like it should.  It is interesting that some folks are mixing syrups to create new flavors, like dreamsicle, so there's definitely some room to tinker. All in all, I'd definitely recommend this to anyone that likes to drink a lot of soda.  I've learned to enjoy cutting out some calories, maybe saved a little cash in the long run, and I'm saving the environment.

Oak Park, IL


Soda-Club Edition 1 Home Soda Maker

5.0 3