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Snorestop Extinguisher Maximum Strength

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He stopped snoring. AMEN!


I bought the throat spray for my husband. He snored a lot less the first night, the second night it was little snorts here and there and by the third night NOT A PEEP! It's also been a "vacation saver" as we love to go on cruises and rooms are pretty small. We use to get complaints about his snoring from other people in nearby rooms.

san luis obispo,ca


This did nothing for me


My husband noticed absolutely no difference in my level of snoring after using this product. Maybe it does help some people but it did nothing for me. Effectiveness It was 100% ineffective. Immediacy Since it didn't work at all, I can't really speak to its immediacy. Side Effects As noted by others, the taste is horrible.



Technically I would give it a negative star-


I have apnea, which also obviously means I snore. I will tell you first hand this product is junk. If you snore a simple spray isnt going to ever stop that. And any wife whose husband snores or vice versa hopefully doesn't get sucked into this garbage. If you truely want to stop snoring see a sleep doctor, find out why you are snoring and get help. Snoring can actually kill a person in their sleep and not taking it seriously is not a good idea. Now I should also state that YES I tried this product cause lets face it a few sprays would be a lot easier to deal with instead of having to put on a c-pap or even bi-pap machine mask. BUT it didnt work not at all, not even a little bit. It only helped reduce money in my pocket not snores from me. Its garbage, hoax, false promises and if this supossibly works for someone then they must BARELY ever snore to begin with. That's my opnion for what its worth!

Byron Center, MI


SnoreStop Extinguisher Works great but tastes weird.


SnoreStop Extinguisher works well at controlling snoring, or so I've been told by my wife.  My snoring rarely wakes me up but my wife says it could rattle the house some nights.  This product seems to work well, but it has a weird after taste when you use it.

Tooele, UT


Snorestop Extinguisher Maximum Strength

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