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Smashbox Heartbreaker Lip Shine Melon-Drama

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Smashbox Heartbreaker: Great Shine


Smashbox cosmetics are, without exception, my favorites. All their products are great quality, long-lasting, and a good value for the price. I recently ordered this Melon-Drama Heartbreaker Lip Shine, as it is one of Smashbox's lowest priced products, and if you order on their website, you will benefit from lots of samples and possible freebies, especially if you join their "Pretty Points" member rewards program. This particular product seems aimed at a youthful audience, with its playful, flirty packaging, and cute name. When you apply it, it feels slightly tacky, but not uncomfortably so. The color of this particular formulation isn't my personal favorite, as it is very playfully pink, with slight bluish undertones, and I prefer color with more depth and more natural undertones. However, the gloss is extremely long lasting, doesn't have an unpleasant flavor (although it isn't one of Smashbox's more delectable tasting products, either), and has exceptional shine. A very good product, for a very reasonable price.

Livermore, CA


Smashbox Heartbreaker--fun lips!


I had never tried Smashbox lip shine before but I got a great deal on it and decided to go for something new.  I love lipstick and glosses of all kind, and this one fit right into the collection of my favorites.  The tube itself is cute, and lends itself to a very smooth and gentle application.  I like how I can control the amount of gloss that actually ends up on my lips.  I can add enough to make a high gloss finish, or maybe just enough to moisten my lips without them feeling greasy.  I even love the color, Melon-Drama.  I love how I can wear it with pinks, browns, reds AND oranges--can't say that about every lipstick I try, that's for sure!  It feels great on, and doesn't come with that sickeningly-sweet, or nauseatingly waxy smell so many other lip products do.  In fact, it really doesn't smell like anything at all.  With all the other make-up, hair and facial products, that can really be a big reiief.  In short, this lip shine was great and I'd order more of it in a heartbeat.  Definitely makes me want to try more Smashbox products, definitely.

Tallahassee, FL


Smashbox Heartbreaker Lip Shine Melon-Drama

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