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Smart Arms
Smart Arms Fitness Machine with Adjustable Resistance

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A valuable resource to seniors who travel and want some exercise


Smart Arms is inexpensive and lightweight. It travels well and fits in a suitcase, not all hotels and motels have a workout center. This might not be stout enough for a younger weight lifter type but I am 63 and when there is no gym available then a brisk walk and a round of exercises with Smart Arms gets the job done. 35 reps of each exercise give the arms a good workout, do more reps if needed to get that warm well worked feeling. Performance Under the above described circumstances this is a great machine or gadget. Ease of Use Easy to use and carry on the road. Durability It is flimsy but I think it will last. It is not designed to take a beating. If it lasts 6 months it will be worth the money. Design Easier to use than resistance bands and the center piece makes it stable and more usable.





I read other reviews and if you are thinking this is going to be a high-tech piece of equipment for this low price----hmmm. This is just what simple people can use for easy to moderate exercise. If you use it your arms will firm up. My arms have gotten pretty flabby and I ordered this for my 86 year old mother (some exercise is better than none). After seeing my mom use it I decided to try it and it really works with minimal effort. Pleasantly surprised!

La Place, LA


Smart Arms fitness gimmick


This was another useless exercise gadget that I fell for. With having fibromyalgia my muscles are very weak and in my delusional state this would be a simple way to strengthen my arms enabling me to do tasks more easily. I think shape of this product is similar to wrestling belt so psychologically we envision ourselves as turning into Wonder Woman after usage. Imagine my surprise when I was not able to even pull out handles more than a couple of inches and pain shot to 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being worst. I was not even able to qualify for strength of Minnie Mouse. I even tried it by putting my foot on one handle and using both arms to pull on other handle. It took many, many days to get over the severe muscle strain I had caused myself.

Fond Du Lac, WI


Smart Arms Fitness Machine with Adjustable Resistance

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