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Skin Milk
Skin Milk Foaming Bubble Bath

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Skin Milk Foaming Bath is soothing!


I have searched high and low for a bubble bath that delivers . . . bubbles! Finally, I have found a winning product. On the label it states that this product is an "Everday Indulgence" and I have to agree (other than the cost of the water and heating!). But when a bath is a must, just a small amount fills my oversize roman soaking tub with an amazing quantity of long lasting bubbles. Plus, since so little product delivers so much results, the bottle last a long time as well, which saves money and is environmentally friendly. I take fairly hot baths to relax my overtense muscles, which will normally dry out my skin and make me itchy. However, I don't have that problem when I use Skin Milk Foaming Bath. So I can go to bed without slathering all kinds of moisturizers on. I am also very sensitive to scents, but this product has a very gentle scent which is soothing. The bubbles themselves feel soft and cushiony against my skin. I love it!

Hillsboro, OR


Got milk? skin milk that is!


I first tried this product at my boyfriend's house and fell immediately in love with it. It has a very nice smell. Hard to describe exactly in words since how do you exactly describe how something smells to someone who hasn't smelled it yet? It smells sweet and overall very pleasant is all I can say. I put some on my washcloth and voila...tons of bubbles appear and it leaves me skin very soft especially in the long cold winter brutal months. It is enriched with Real Milk Proteins and Vitamins A, D, & E, so not only does it feel great but it also nourishes your skin.  Ever since I fell in love with this, I've been on the hunt to find it at ulta, cvs, walmart, etc. but have yet to see it. Then I found it at Shoprite in the bottom shelf and was so happy! It seems that not many retailers sell this amazing product so you might wanna buy this online. It's totally worth it! I would buy 100 bottles if I could! This is a must have!

Merchantville, NJ


Skin Milk Foaming Bubble Bath

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