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Sinful Colors
Sinful Colors Professional Dream On

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Buyer beware!


Sinful Colors nail polish looks like it will be a great buy. It comes in bright, vibrant, beautiful colors. It costs considerably less than many other brands. The value seems too good to be true, probably because it is. This is by far the worst nail polish I have ever used. First of all when the beautiful colors dry they have a matte finish. They're not shiny at all. It looks awful. Yes, you an add a top coat but it really doesn't help enough. Second, it peels and flakes off very quickly. It is clearly not a high quality product. I recommend that everyone stay away from it.

Southfield, MI


beautiful color peels off real easy


**Sinful color nail olish comes in a variety of beautiful bold and bright colors but, it peels off very easy it takes longes to apply the polish on your nails that what it takes to come off. If you dont put a top coat the color stays very dull but if you put top coat it peels **

Mission, TX


Sinful Colors Professional Dream On

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