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Shop Vac 589-02-00 Canister Wet/Dry Vacuum

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Love my Little Shop-Vac... But Wish I Bought a Bigger One!


Hey, I can't blame my little Shop-Vac for its size, that would've be fair! And besides, I chose this particular Shop-Vac because of it's smallness as I've already got a lot of stuff! I'm not sure how I lived without a wet/dry vac all of these years, I quickly learned how much of a necessity having one of these little guys around. This vacuum will pick up dry and wet, but depending on the job you're doing you may find its size somewhat restrictive, especially when it comes to liquids with which the volume quickly adds up. Another problem with the little guy is that its outdoor use is severely restrictive. It's no good for sucking up leaves which will clog it up quickly, and it is also not advised for leaf blowing. However, for around the minor around the house tasks this could be the ideal starter vac for you. Maneuverability It's obviously very maneuverable, but you will run into trouble if accidentally tip it over. Ease of Maintenance The top maintenance task you'll be doing with this vac is emptying it out as (due to its size) it will frequently become overfilled. And you may deal with some clogs. Versatility I would say you get limited outdoor use. Design It's great, but don't tip it over!



Shop Vac 589-02-00 Canister Wet/Dry Vacuum

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