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Shiseido the Makeup Luminizing Satin Face Color

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Let Shiseido Luminizing Satin Face Color Lights Up Your Life


The Shisedio name is synonamus with beauty.  It's main goal is to enhance a woman's beauty.  Shisedio's Luminizing Satin Face Color does just this.  See the difference in your skin immediately - a flawless face that looks like it lights up from within.  I't's satin finish produces a smooth, luxurious look.  It is eaily applied and is sold in a variety of shades to match any skin color..   Like all of the Shisedio cosmetics, the Luminizing Satin Face Cololr is natural and made with quality products and is good for your skin.

Cranston, RI


Great blush!


I don't know about the "face color" part, but I use this as a blush, and it gives my cheeks a warm and cheery glow. This face color has enough sparkle that is not too over the top so I don't look like I'm wearing costume make-up. The color stays on all day, so there is no need for me to constantly re-apply this onto my face. The color does not fad, and I don't have to keep checking my appearance in the mirror every so often. The included brush is the perfect size, and the contour of hte brush allows for easy and precise application onto your cheeks. I don't like how some brushes do not contour to your face, but this brush does. This can be found in department stores, and it is a bit pricey, but well worth the money for its usage. The palette will last me for many months to come, and I've been using it for 4 months, and I'm not even halfway through the palatte. This is a definate recommendation, and try it if you haven't already!

Riverside, CA


Anyway, I like all products of Shiseido


Well, I tried some products of famous brands, and I chosed the most suited for my skin. I have 7 experience for Shiseido products. As everyone know, Asian skin is quite different from Caucasian skin. I don't have the fair-skinned, and charming blue eyes, and there are some spots on my cheek when I became two kid's mom. the Makeup Luminizing Satin Face Color is very helpful for me, it make me look more energetic and younger.

Fremont, CA


Youll love this Blush


ladies if you ever have trouble trying to find the right blush well no worries this is the blush for you.. goes on smooth great colors for any cheek bones.. i recommend the orchid color for any tanned skinned person you wont believe how well the color just glides on... i hate trying new makeup but i definitely recommend this to anyone

Somerset, KY


Shiseido the Makeup Luminizing Satin Face Color

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