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Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 60

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Shiseido suncreen spf 55


This is Shiseido suncreen protection for face and body. I been using this for a while and i'm running out only because i loved it that much to use it everyday. The texture is quite different for all those others suncreen, it's very watery and if you don't like that then i would not recommends it. However i love this product for it watery because it's easy to apply and it absorb very quickly. It's very high in spf so you know u are protected from the sun. Another thing that it amazed me was that it's able to control my oiliness. I have very oily skin so by using this suncreen it actually help maintain my oil for at least half of the day for more. I know it's quite pricey but it's a really good product the only downside would be that it doesn't moisturize your face at the same time?? therefore u have to moisturize before using the suncreen. For me i just use any moisturize and apply the shiseido suncreen on top of that and it does it jobs.

Montclair, CA


Good for everyday, simple usage.


Shisiedo is a great beauty brand and I generally like the quality of all of their products despite cringing when I see the prices sometimes. I received this sunblock in a set as a gift for my birthday and I've found that it's a good sunblock for everyday use because it wears light and doesn't make my skin feel either oily or dry. It's a bit runny out of the bottle and very VERY LIGHTWEIGHT. However, I have also discovered that it's lightness comes with a price. You DEFINITELY cannot wear this out when you plan on engaging in any sort of physical activity where you might sweat profusely. I know it says that it's very water resistant but my guess is something about sweat wears it off, probably the combination of running liquid and salt. Either way, I went to play basketball with this on and after about ten minutes of running it was getting into my eyes and stinging them, and basically coming off in droves. I learned my lesson that day! Get a heavy duty, thick cream like the neutrogena face line for hard outdoor work. But if you're just walking around the city or taking a stroll on the boardwalk by the beach, this sunscreen is ideal because it doesn't FEEL like you're wearing ten pounds of sunblock.

Los Angeles, CA


Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 60

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