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Shiseido The Skincare Hydro Nourishing Softener

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love it


The shiseido skincare line is superb. That said, the shiseido skincare hydro nourishing softener is fantastic. It works great, and it just really does provide a nice balance between a lotion and a cream to stick to your face and soften it. The scent it nice, and light. The softener product is a great base for makeup. I have combination/normal skin - greasy in the t-zone. i find that when I use this in lieu of my moistureizer, the makeup stays on longer. I also use shiseido foundation (liquid), and it works well, to not emphasize my skins drier areas. I do have asian skin, light, and kind of prone to breakouts. This product has worked really well for me, and has not caused my skin to break out.

Auburn, WA


Great-especially for under makeup


I have combination skin and easily prone irritation.  After receiving a different Shiseido product and liking it's results, I purchased the Shiseido Hydro Nourishing Softener.  One of the basic rules to smooth makeup application is moisturized skin.  Because of my skin type, it was hard to find an affordable balance.  Either the lotion was too heavy and left me with breakouts afterwards or was too light and makeup went on blotchy and uneven.  After trying this as my base moisturizer after washing and before makeup application, I have to say I'm VERY pleased with this product.  Priced at about the same amount as what you'd pay for department store brands, I found this product was best suited for my skin.  It's consistency is thicker than a serum, but thinner than a lotion.  It applies evenly and absorbs quickly.  The softener also has a light, floral smell that I like.  The thing I liked best is that it doesn't clog up my skin, by itself or under my makeup.  My makeup goes on smoothly and easily.  At night I use this with the Shiseido Hydro Night Moisture Recharge or the White Lucent Brightening Emulsion.  Apparently I am now a Shiseido fan.

montebello, CA


Shiseido The Skincare Hydro Nourishing Softener

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