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Shiseido Silky Eyeshadow Quad - Earth and Sky #Q2

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Beautiful colors in the pallette and on your eyes!


I love, love, love the Shiseido sily eyeshadow !  I bought some of this the other day when I came across it in the department store.  I saw it in the cabinet and thought how gorgeous the colors were - I bought it right there on the spot.  Then, as soon as I got home I whipped it out of the bag and colored my lids with those fabulous shades - WOW!  Talk about an eye opener - I am not one who typically wears eyeshadow or colors my lids on a day to day basis - but I am starting to think maybe I should a little more often - the colors are GORGEOUS, go on so smoothly and stay on all day - bright, colorful and do not run.  The way that they make your eyes pop - it really is very amazing - it reminded me of one of those "before" and "after" shots that they use on tv to make you purchase a product - No need for that here - you try this yourself and you will be sold.  Ah yes, and it is not overly expensive for good eye shadow.  Besides, for what it does for your eyes, you  truly will not mind paying a bit more. 

Birmingham, AL


Beautiful color combo


The Shisheido Silky Eyeshadow Quad - Earth and Sky contains such beautiful colors.  At first glance it appears as if the colors would clash with each other, but the actually work!  You can blend all four colors, or you can simply just use one or two shades at a time.  The have a distinct South western feel to them, so these colors go amazingly well with denim.  I have unusual eyes that tend to subtly change shades depending on my mood and what I am wearing.  My eyes vary from a crystal clear blue, to beautiful blue green, to a soft gray color.  My husband loves my eyes.  And the colors in this Shiseido Silky Eyeshadow Quad - Earth and Sky is true to its name.  The colors are distinctly reminescent of the Earth and the sky.  And they bring out the different shades of my eyes beautifully.  I also use black mascara and black eyeliner and the combination just seems to make my eyes stand out beautifully.  And the color lasts a long time as well.  This is just an all aroun great set.

La Rue, OH


Shiseido Silky Eyeshadow Quad - Earth and Sky #Q2

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