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Shiseido Future Solution LX Extra Rich Cleansing Foam

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Quality facial care


I recently got a small size of this product, just to try it out, and I really could not be happier with it. The foam it makes is gentle but very cleansing, and it makes the skin on my face feel amazingly soft. It doesn't dry me out or feel like it's completely stripping off my natural layer of protection, either. Another thing I like about it is that a little bit goes a long way, so I don't have to squeeze out a huge amount of it to get my face really clean, because it lathers up really effectively. The smell is pretty nice too--it reminds me a little of bubble gum, except more sophisticated! I use it along with other Shiseido Future Solution LX products (the serum and the eye cream, mostly), and the combination of all three seems to make even more of a difference in the softness of my skin. It is kind of pricy, which is the big downside, but if you're looking for something high quality to treat your skin to or if you have a more flexible budget for facial care, this is a great product.



Wonderful cleanser


This cleansing foam is really great. A little pinch of it plus water goes a really long way and can moisturize/cleanse my entire face. It is super smooth and it feels so good to put on my face and massage/lather as it removes oil, makeup and clears pores. It leaves my skin feeling super soft. It smells okay, kind of like baby lotion but thats okay. The feeling is heavenly. I had no idea I could enjoy washing my face so much before I tried this shiseido product. Ever since I have been recommending this to everyone. Don't hesitate to buy it even though it may seem expensive. Like I said, a little bit goes a long way so the bottle seems like it will last at least several yaers! this is incredible

Walnut Creek, CA


Future Solutions works tonight and in the future!


I received Shiseido Future Solutions as a sample.  I am sold on the Benifiance products, so I was reluctant to switch over to another product evn for a week.  Future Solutions have now caused a problem for me!  I do not know which Shiseido product to buy next!  Future solutions feels as good as it smells, and it smells delightful!  It was creamy but not greasy.  I do not know what the price is, but my wrinkles are invisible and that is worth quite a bit!

Merced, CA


Shiseido Future Solution LX Extra Rich Cleansing Foam

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