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Sharp EL-531 Scientific Calculator

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A good school calculator


I think that this is a calculator fit for middle school more than anything as this calculator seems to have lots of good use in basic to moderately advanced math but as the math advances the calculator loses value at least to me. I do have to say that its battery life is one thing you do not have to worry about as the battery last for what seems like forever. My main problem with this calculator was its rather confusing variety of modes and setup features which inevitably lead to my need to use the reset button many times over mainly because I had pressed something that I had no idea how to fix and the instructions are not all that clear either. I did notice that the calculator had a rather annoying issue of adding a K symbol on the end of my calculations which cause an incorrect answer and because of this I was constantly wasting time checking if what it had done was correct which ultimately defeats the purpose of the calculator. So all in all I would not recommend this calculator over any other but I would not say it was really that bad either so if you are serious about math and need complete accuracy then this is not the calculator for you but if you are like me and did not need anything fancy then this calculator will do the job.



Sharp EL-531 Scientific Calculator

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