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Sharp Counter Top Microwave

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Oldie but Goodie, Sharp R-300 series still kicks butt


The label on the back of this oldie microwave says it was manufactured in January 2000, yet this model is still the backbone of my kitchen. I have had good luck with Sharp and Whirlpool models of microwaves, and this one happened to be a hand-me-down in my latest move. One of the features I like is the special Minute Plus menu. It has buttons for the following: Dinner Plate, Casserole, Popcorn, Baked Potato, Beverage, Fresh Vegetables, Frozen Entrees, Frozen Vegetables, and Rolls-Muffins. I can stick a raw potato in any dish with a splash of water, tuck it into the Sharp, and punch the Baked Potato button, and get a real baked-potato flavor as the end result. (click the same BP button till you get the number of potatoes you are placing in the Sharp). Similar convenience awaits me when making a bag of popcorn. Press Popcorn once and get REG, twice for L-REG, and three times for SNK sizes of popcorn. If there are too many unpopped kernels in a pouch, then you know to use the next size up the next time you make a batch. I really like this microwave. It has plenty of room if I put in a whole tray of cookies, and plenty of power for bigger jobs like thawing a pound of frozen whatevers. Durability Made in 2000 and still on the job, full-time!

Minneapolis, MN


Good quality for the money


We purchased this microwave for our home from Walmart. It wasn't the most expensive model on the shelf, but it wasn't the least expensive either. We bought it in the stainless steel color and it matches our dishwasher in stainless steel well. It cleans easily and cooks thoroughly. The only negative that I've found is the power level settings. There doesn't seem to be a good setting to cook microwave popcorn with without the bag scorching. It sits nicely on our microwave shelf below our cabinets, it's not too heavy or too big. It would also fit in a small space on a counter-top well. The buttons are easy to find and also easy to use.

Northeast, NE


Great for a great price!


I was extremely surprised at how well this less expensive, smaller microwave performed. It defrosts well and fairly evenly, and it cooks fairly evenly as well. The timers on it for certain foods (popcorn, potato, etc) are fairly accurate. I have yet to burn popcorn with it's settings! Good buy!

Lake Jackson, TX


Sharp Counter Top Microwave

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