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Seventh Generation
Seventh Generation Hand Wash Fresh Citrus

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Great, especially in the kitchen!


I am a huge fan of Seventh Generation products for my home and family so when I saw that they had a liquid hand soap I of course had to try it. I am also huge fan of anything citrus scented. I try to use citrus scents throughout my house because they smell fresh and clean. The scent is definitely one of my favorite things about the Seventh Generation Fresh Citrus and also the new Mandarin scent. I especially like to keep it in my kitchen where it is fantastic for getting cooking smells like onion and garlic off of my hands. It is also great for cleaning oils, raw meat and vegetable pigments off of my hands. I think that if I used it for all of my daily hand washing it might dry my hands out, I wash them A LOT and it isn't super moisturizing. But it is gentle and doesn't "strip" the moisture from my hands like a lot of soaps can so as long as I don't overdo it it's fine. I tend to get excema on my hands and even when I am having a flare the Seventh Generation soap doesn't irritate it.



Great Orange Smell, Gave Me Some Problems Before New Formula


I tend to have very sensitive skin that dries out easily with harsh de-greasers. I have used quite a few Seventh Generation products since they first appeared in our area quite a long time ago. I have had quite a few problems with their products and the hand wash is one of them. Seventh Generation comes in unscented, Mandarin, and Lavender fragrances now. It is no longer in the Fresh Citrus scent. It still comes in a pump bottle but the style is a bit different than it used to be also. **INGREDIENTS** *Water, sodium coco sulfate* (cleaning agent), decyl glucoside* (cleaning agent), aloe barbadensis leaf juice* (feel enhancer), glycerin* (foam enhancer), magnesium chloride (mineral thickener), coco-glucoside & glyceryl oleate* (skin softener), glyceryl caprylate/caprate* (skin softener), sodium chloride (mineral skin softener), citric acid* (pH adjuster), tetrasodium iminodisuccinate (synthetic preservative), sodium benzoate (synthetic food grade preservative), potassium sorbate (synthetic food grade preservative), *essential oils and botanical extracts* (citrus aurantium dulcis (orange) peel oil, *citrus grandis (grapefruit) peel oil*, *citrus nobilis* (mandarin orange) peel oil) Effectiveness The older formula of this Fresh Citrus was a bit harsher on my hands and although it cleaned well and left hands free of grease and residue of things, I found that it dried out my hands way too much. I had to put on lotion all of the time, and just didn't like the way it dried out my skin and made me notice my hands all day long. I have only used the new formula in Mandarin that they have replaced the old Fresh Citrus with and it didn't seem quite as harsh, but I only used it once in a bathroom I was visiting. Because of this I have rated it at THREE stars instead of lower. The new formula is what is currently available more widely now. Scent I like the citrus scent of both the Fresh Citrus as well as the newer Mandarin scented hand soap that has replaced the Seventh Generation Fresh Citrus. It is invigorating and natural smelling- not phoney or annoying at all. The newer scent seems a bit more orange in nature but I do realize that it can vary from container to container.

Podunk, NY


Loving seventh generation!


Seventh generation hand wash fresh citrus is a great find. Anyone who cares about hand soap and softness, should get this. I got a bottle and having run out of shower gel, tried it as a shower gel. It worked. I have since purchased shower gel! But the point it, that it kept my skin soft and smells mildly of citrus, and when I came out of the shower, I smelt of nothing at all. It coats the skin with a very fine sheen, hard to explain, that is soft and gentle. It does not dry or crack your skin. I want to check out all the seventh generation products now and am only familiar with this and the disinfecting wipes. I like to put hand wash in a ceramic dispenser that matches my bathroom but in this case, the bottle is very pretty, so that's a plus.

Center Barnstead, NH


Lovely light fragrance that disappears quickly, soft hands


We tried several different handwashes over time, rejecting most because they either smelled too strong or left hands too dry. Finally we found some Softsoap and then Dial that did a semi-acceptable job. But then I learned that all the commercial handsoaps that say "antibacterial" have a chemical called triclosan in them. Checked the labels and sure enough they did. Triclosan is really a very toxic pesticide with known health effects. So I stopped using all of those and began the hunt for a toxin-free handwash. Tried the EO lavendar one from Whole Foods. nice smell, but it was rather overpowering a fragrance and it left hands rather dry. Tried a goat's milk soap. Again, very overpowering smell and ironically left hands dry. Then I chanced upon the 7th gen one. Amazing! The Fresh Citrus smell is exactly that - fresh and citrusy. But it's not an artificial fragrance and so it doesn't linger on your hands. In fact you smell it while washing and then there's the barest, faintest aroma for a bit. Then, it's gone. LOVE it! Despite multiple washings a day, my hands are not dry and crackling. What i found with the 7th gen wash is that it doesn't strip moisture away from your hands, and it doesn't add oily residue onto your hands. All you have is natural, clean hands without artificial fragrances or toxic chemicals. We are very happy with this product. Family members who visited and tried it are also now fans and users of 7th gen hand wash. I highly recommend it!

Boston, MA


Seventh Generation Hand Wash Fresh Citrus

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