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Sephora Maniac Long Wearing Lipstick - All Shades (Sephora Collection)

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Definitely cheap. But smells like grapes!


I bought this in Sephora for about $9 because it was a cheap matte long-lasting lipstick. It was great the first few days, but as I wore it more and more, I started to notice more about it that I didn't like; it would crack and crumble over a small amount of time, and it always feathered along the edges. Now, of course, this isn't a liquid lipstick, so I can't expect it to stay on as long as those, but the staying power of this just wasn't worth even just the $9 that I spent. On the plus side, it smelled pretty good, almost like grapes.

Estero, FL


Sephora's Maniac Long Wearing lipstick is a smooth sensation!


Like all of the Sepora products I've tried, the Maniac Long Wearing lipstick is absolutely devine. There's no creeping dryness that sets in several hours after applying the lipstick. The color stays true until the end of the day. Even heavy smooching doesn't affect the promised performance of this product! I did not experience that perfumey taste that I hate with other brands I've wasted money on. The lip feel, according to my husband was pleasurable. I think he enjoys being the kiss guinea pig.

Arvada, CO


Sephora Maniac Long Wearing Lipstick - All Shades (Sephora Collection)

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