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HD 429
Sennheiser Headphones Black


The HD 429 features a powerful bass response provided by high-output neodymium magnets. In addition, these headphones display an innovative and ergonomic, silicone design, providing durability and a comfortable fit, every single time. Their closed circumaural headphone configuration effectively isolate against ambient noise, while the single-sided cable reduces tangling. Stand out and be different with the audio quality you deserve.

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Leaks music in a quiet room but good mid range


These are good for those who want to listen to music for a long time without breaking a wallet and compromising the sound. Sound Quality From low to high frequencies, it does a good job to balance out the music. Comfort I was comfortable after using the headphone for over 2 hours and sometimes I would walk away from my computer with them on forgetting i was wearing them. That was very dangerous as it almost ripped the wire. Design Excellent design with the exception of the wire. The wire is flimsy and small and you can't replace it. Durability I used these headphones on the commute to work and someone accidentally tugged the wire and my headphone with it as they were walking past me. The headphone swung forward and pulled off from my iPhone. However, it survived and I had no problems since.

Fresh Meadows, NY


Sennheiser Headphones Black

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