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Scotts Turf Builder EZ Seed for Tall Fescue Lawns

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I got this product to fill in the bare spots on my lawn. I have used other Scott products in the past, with wonderful results. The area I wished to fill was red clay. I aerated the area, put the Scotts down and followed directions. It even rained for 2 days after I put it down. Never came up.

Concord, NC


So much for Guaranteed Growth...


We bought **Scotts Turf Builder EZ Seed **this past summer with visions of lush green grass filling in the bare spots that had developed in our yard. We first tried using it on a bare spot in the front where the sun is dappled at best. We prepped the ground, applied an 1/8 inch layer of the EZ Seed and watered the product until it was dark brown. Then, we waited and waited and waited. Did I mention we waited? If the product dried out, we watered it. A few sprigs appeared**, **but the results were spotty at best.** ** **Claims:** - **Scotts Turf Builder EZ Seed** claims to have "water smart" technology that will yield 50% thicker grass with half the water. - **Scotts Turf Builder EZ Seed **claims that the seeds will grow with proper care. They even guarantee it. - **Scotts Turf Builder EZ Seed **claims that the seed will grow anywhere- sunny *or* shaded areas. **Results:** Our experience with the **Scotts Turf Builder EZ Seed** did not meet the claims made by the company. We even gave it a second go in the same spot and tried another spot in the yard in case it was our fault that the seed didn't grow as advertised. I don't know if we got a defective batch of seed or if the combination seed, mulch and fertilizer was out of balance. What I do know is that it didn't work. Period. **10/13/2010 Update:** After a representative from Scott's read and commented on my review I called the toll free number he provided. Customer Service was more than apologetic for the poor performance of the seed and said she would issue a check for the full purchase price. She said if I had not received the check within a reasonable amount of time to call back and a new check would be issued. It is hard to complain about that- a company that really does stand behind its products- what a concept! ****

Northern, FL


Works, Under The Right Conditions


I received this product, Scotts Turf Builder Easy Seed For Tall Fescue Lawns through BzzAgent. I was in desperate need of this product as we are trying to sell our house and have to regrow grass in our backyard. We have unsuccessfully tried to grow grass before, and trying this product was a great opportunity. It is best to grow grass in consistently warm conditions, and unfortunately we planted the grass too soon, thinking the chilly weather was pretty much over with. Though I live in the South, we should have known better. Warm days do not always translate to warm nights. At first, things seemed promising. We had been careful to give it enough water and the weather seemed to cooperate. Then we had some cool nights and torrential rain, with only a small amount of sun on and off. When that was over, the squirrels and birds seemed to be happily pecking at the ground where the seed was planted So, beween the cold nights, creatures, and pounding rain, we are lucky to have any grass growing there. However, we have noticed tiny sprigs of grass growing here and there, so all is not lost. And even though new grass is not growing the way I wanted, I can't totally blame this product, which is why I'm giving it 4 stars. Under ideal conditions I'm sure this product would work great. In the places where it is growing, the grass looks thick and brilliantly green. A whole lawn of this would look really nice for sure. Worth a try if you need to grow grass, and your conditions are ideal.

Thomaston, GA


Scotts EZ seed, Very easy to apply, and Guaranteed to grow..


We live in east Tn ,and we alot of red clay here, so grass is no longer something I take for granted. My front yard has a slope and some of it is rock and clay, granted the grass that was here when we moved in has spread, but there is still this huge bare area, we have been here 3 years, and I am tired of not having grass all over my yard. I bought Scotts EZ seed, it says Guaranteed to grow anywhere, and it was a combination of seed, mulch and fertilizer all in one. I paid 15.00 for 3.75 lb net wt, that covers up to 80 sq ft. It says it will grow in shady and dense areas, even grows in pavement. I was impressed, it was a brand I had heard of and its was guaranteed.  Its made with 96% renewable resources, 99.9% biodegradable, and its also kid and pet friendly Prepare where you want the seed, break up any dead grass, and remove, put the mix down wherever you need it, add water, and let it be, it does the work from there. It even lets you know when it needs watered, light brown, water, dark brown, its good. I took pictures of where I applied it in our yard, where its dark brown is where it is.  Its developed with a water smart formula, that leaves the grass 50% thicker with half the water.  I am looking forward to seeing if this works, and will update as needed. It says you will see results in 21 days, and it will survive and thrive in almost any condtion, so well see. You can also purchase bigger bags for bigger projects, so if this works, that what I will be buying. I wanted to try the little bottle  to see if it worked. I will post pictures of the progress. It was very easy to apply, just shake it where you need it, and add water.

In the sun, FL


A few blades shy of a good product


I live in the South, in an area that is rather sandy.  I was searching for some grass seed that would #1 be easy to use and #2 would produce actual growth on the lawn. Despite it's rather high price tag, Scott's Turf Builder EZ Seed seemed to be the way to go.  It came with fertilizer built it and the bottle shows grass growing on concrete!  And it changes color when it needs watering.  Additionally, it is safe for children and pets. However, very little grass actually grew.  I followed all instructions and only bought a couple bottles of this at first because of the high price and I am glad I did.  A few blades sprung up but nothing that I could call "turf building."  I think Turf Builder EZ Seed would work better if you just had a few patches to fill in.  But then you probably wouldn't be picking such an expensive product. All in all, I wasted my time and money.  Perhaps the sandy soil of the south is just too much for this seed.  Otherwise, it was very easy to use and the concept was great.

Knightdale, NC


Scotts EZ Seed really does grow anywhere, even my yard!


Scott's EZ Seed worked for my yard. In our back yard, there's an area where grass used to be. Due to the steady amount of shade and limited sun, the grass that was originally planted was faded, dead, and had new 'bald' spots each day. The ground would get soaked and the lack of sunlight prevented drainage. No matter what we did, we just had this sad little area of crusted dirt with an occasional green sprout. Then, my husband saw a television commercial featuring Scott's EZ Seed. It claimed in the ad that the seed could grow anywhere. But would it work on our lifeless patch of dirt? Well we bought two bottles and decided to give it a try. We continued to water as directed for the next week but seems that nothing was happening. One morning I walked in to the yard to find that it was green. It was if the grass seeds gre 1-1/2 inches overnight. We were shocked and pleased. All of a sudden we had a cute little green patch. We did find that there were a lot of empty areas which could have been user inflicted. There were some areas that no seed had covered and, after doing a bit more reasearch, we found that we could do other things to ensure good growth such as adding a top layer of soil and roughing up the ground a bit. Yesterday we bought a bit more seed to even out the grass and created a nice lawn. Though we were skeptical, it really worked. I must say that is is a bit expensive since one package only covers a small area. After the initial seed germinates and begins to grow, you can supplement it with bluegrass seed and top soil.

San Mateo, CA


Necessary for a lawn makeover


Our grass was literally on the verge of looking like hay! Our sprinkler system broke last year and with the economy taking a downturn, my husband and I thought it would be best to save our pennies and care for the lawn ourselves. No gardener. No sprinklers. We were forced to hand water the lawn. When you have four little kids and a busy schedule, it's difficult to remember to water.  We tried, but between the lack of watering, our dogs leaving bald spots in our grass, children and rabbits feasting on our lawn at night, our lawn looked pathetic. It was in need of a serious makeover. Our local hardware store had been advertising Scott's EZ Seed. My husband decided it was time we sought a little help. We purchased the EZ Seed and primarily focused on filling in the bald spots on our grass. If we could accomplish that, then we would shoot for larger areas and try to restore the dying grass. At first, we didn't seem very hopeful, but after about 2 weeks, little grass shoots started to pop up and VOILA! we had new grass. It's a great product and it works!..even for those of us who claim to be black thumbs, I've graduated to a brown thumb thanks to this product. I would highly recommend it.

Valencia, CA


Scotts Turf Builder EZ Seed for Tall Fescue Lawns

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