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Savi Baby
Savi Baby Pacifeeder Baby Bottle

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Pacifeeder is a Mom & Baby's Best Friend!


After our daughter was born in March of 2010, my husband had an idea - why can't you put a hole in a pacifier nipple and connect it to a bottle?  When he went in to start researching the idea, he found two versions of such a device, the Podee and the Pacifeeder.  The Pacifeeder is what we consider to be the better quality.  It includes a non-return valve, meaning that the milk doesn't flow back into the bottle if our baby isn't drinking.  It can be used with any standard-sized bottle.  It has a strap that can attach to the high chair, stroller, or car seat so that it doesn't get dropped.  It is absolutely amazing.  Be aware that you will attract attention when using this in public - not in a bad way, just in a "Wow, what's that?" kind of way.  After having it a few months, you'll wish you received commission! I've read reviews on other websites that this is a horrible idea, and that you won't bond with your child if you use this product.  That's totally bunk.  I now have to use this bottle with my little one because she refuses to be cradled.  It gives her the independence she wants.

Dallas, TX


Savi Baby Pacifeeder Baby Bottle

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