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Savella Milnacipran HCl Tablets

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Symptom relief with Fibromyalgia is unique in every case


Savella is a recently approved drug by the FDA to aid in the management of symptoms caused by the debilitating illness called fibromyalgia. My doctor prescribed a low dose pack of Savella for me just last month.  All seemed well during the first 7 day trial.  However, as the dose increased, side-effects arose. The side effects I experienced were mainly dizziness and blurred vision.  I did feel nauseous often, too. Savella did help with the pain.  However, in my case the drug started doing more harm than good.  If you are a sufferer, you may or may not have these problems as we all are so unique from patient to patient. Even after my experience, I would consider trying Savella if you are suffering from a great deal of pain with fibromyalgia.  I only decided to go this route myself of, trial and error, as the medication was at a low dose, the data looked good, I have been debilitated by pain, and my doctor was available to monitor my progress and/or intervene if I needed help due to an unwanted reaction.

Long Beach, CA


Not sure the benefits outweigh the problems


I had been on Cymbalta for almost a year till depression started to get really bad and it was thought to be due to the Cymbalta so they took me off Cymbalta and started me on Savella. Cymbalta withdrawal first off is pure hell but my doctor was sure the Savella would ease those problems some. It didn't! The depression while withdrawing made me think constantly that death was my only way out of my misery. Now once the Cymbalta got out of my system the depression did go away. On the Savella I do sleep better than I have in a long time and I feel mellow....very little upsets me. These are the good points so far. But since day 1 on Savella I have had a headache and blood pressure issues that are proving hard to resolve. I was told this was the Cymbalta withdrawal but it is now more than 2 months later and I still have these problems as well as constant nausea. So I am doubting it is withdrawal anymore at this point. And it is not controlling the fibro pain very well yet either. I am giving my doctors one more chance to find reasons for these problems other than the Savella before asking to be taken off of it. I will update if things change. I would still recommend trying it though as these meds seem to work differently on everyone. I do know of some who love it!

Mc Connells, SC


Savella isn't the miracle drug it was reported to be!


SAVELLA ISN'T A MIRACLE DRUG FOR FIBROMYALGIA Savella has not caused the nausea I was promised it would, but it has caused some pretty significant GI complaints such as increased gas, pressure and bloating.  It has done very little for my pain and nothing for my energy except to make me very sleepy.  The only plus is that it has increased my ability to sleep at a better level and I don't need to sleep as long, but now I am fighting sleepiness during the day.  Its just not done what I was hoping and I am very disappointed and even wondering if its even worth continuing to take it.  I have already had to cut the dose in half due to the side effects, which has decreased the side effects, but I am still not feeling any benefits with this drug.  

Powhatan, VA


Savella Milnacipran HCl Tablets

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