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Saran Disposable Cutting Sheets

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A huge help in "cutting" down on germy messes!


Almost like thin plastic sheets.  These are awesome for cutting down on germs.  There is a cloth type pad underneath and small holes so you will still want to wash your board.  They absorb moisture from the meat so it doesn't slip around or get sloshy.  And even though if cutting very hard and ending up cutting through...it still keeps the meat goo from getting into the cutting groves, which is hard to wash out.   I wouldn't use it on a counter top for cutting meat...they would do just fine for any type of chopping, veggies, etc....it's the sawing motion that gets through them at times...a straight down chop and it's never gone through for me.  I really like using them for the meat mess and making it so much easier to clean my board.  I like to know that things are "Clean"!  I've used it for carrots on the counter top when my other boards were dirty.  Just keep in mind your cutting motion.  Chopping shouldn't go through at all...but a sawing motion will cut through your cutting sheet...or you should sharpen your knives :-) ha, ha.

Louisville, KY


Saran Disposable Cutting Sheets

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