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Sapphire RADEON HD 5870 (Cypress XT), (1 GB) PCI Express Video Card

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Blast in your face graphics!


I built my own PC around 2011, and did a lot of research on parts. I ended up finding this guy for a great price plus a rebate, and went for it. It wasn't a hard decision comparing a video card of this price range to others of it's type. The radeon HD 5870 had higher benchmarks in FPS rates for a lot of categories. It's comparable to the 470 series of GTX nvidia cards, and honestly I feel it works better. No problems so far, quality graphics, and no integrated sound card.



Powerful, but outdated and fan gets loud when you overvolt/clock


I had this card for a while and it was powerful and fast, can do DX11, but it's outdated and gets loud when overvolted and overclocked past about 950MHz or so on core clock, 1250 memory clock, at about 1.15 volts. It's a gas guzzler since it's built on 40nm technology so it eats over 200 watts when overvolted and overclocked, and the fan spins up like crazy at those settings (loud), but at stock it's more like 150 which is much better. If you play modern games you want DX11 just in case, and the later Radeons of the 7000 series have much better DX11 tessellation, so I recommend getting a 7000 series card instead of this one. This card is roughly in-between a 7770 and 7850 in performance, closer to the 7850, but doesn't have the 35% overclocking headroom that the 7850... this card has more like 20% overclocking headroom, assuming stock volts for both.

Oakland, CA


Sapphire RADEON HD 5870 (Cypress XT), (1 GB) PCI Express Video Card

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