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Sanyo - VPC5500 Digital Camera

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No thank you.


The Sanyo VPC-5500 Camera is good for close up photo's only. Not at all great for distance or moving subjects. The closer you zoom in the blurrier the pictures get. (awful). I have to take too many shots just to hopefully get one good one. (then the batteries die). I was very disappointed, so I gave it to my 6 year old grand daughter. Hopefully she'll find better use of it. LOL  

Hampton, GA


Don't waste your money


I purchased this camera and the saying you get what you pay for definitely rings true here.  Its takes the worst pictures...the quailty is terrible and you have to remain very still if you want them come out half right.  I don't like having to ensure the flash is on before taking a picture and its terrible on battery life.  I ended up giving it away as I got frustrated with it.

Capitol Heights, MD


easiest digital camera to use


 The Sanyo vpc-550 has 5.0 megapixels and a large LCD screen.  Very easy to see what you just took.  Also like the idea of storage for your photos.  Easy to transfer to your computer.I did have one problem as the screen went completely white and couldn't see pictures.  I contacted Sanyo and they sent me a brand new camera free.  I appreciated that. Takes great pictures and very easy to use

Farmington, MO


Cheap camera, with not good quality!


Even this camera was a low price it is not good at all. AND the more you zoom, even just a small amount the blurrier the pic gets...and it is 5.9 mega pixels and 3x optical zoom, 4x digital zoom! Would probably not buy Sanyo again. My husband bought it for me for Mother's Day and thought it was at least a decent camera, and has been disappointed as well. It does a 24" screen, which is nice for taking pics and for viewing.  When you go back to look at pics and delete, it is slow, so annoying if you have a lot to delete, but do not want to delete them all.

Riverside, CA


Sanyo - VPC5500 Digital Camera

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