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SCP 6650
Sanyo - Katana II SCP-6650 Cell Phone

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The Katana Looked Nice, But Lacked As A Phone


I owned my Katana II for about one year before it completely fell apart. I took good care of it. I was initially attracted to the sleek, pink look of the phone. All my friends loved it! Especially the irritating clicking noise it made whenever I opened and closed it. The camera was horrible quality, and almost pointless. This phone also had poor quality of phone calls. A very basic phone. I would spend my money elsewhere, though. This phone enraged me and even though I never threw it or dropped it, it still fell to pieces after a very short period of time. The menu button also fell off after a short few months! Very disappointing. I wouldn't buy this phone again. Oh! How could I forget? The phone was always getting DIRTY. They keys would become sticky after a while, and dirt would accumulate in the side cracks of the phone. I had to use a toothpick to get the gunk out! Yuck! This phone is not all bad though. It does make calls, and you can use it for some amount of time before having to replace it.

Lafayette, LA


Sanyo is not a bad phone


My Sanyo phone was free with my Sprint service, thus I expected bottom barrel quality, however this phone is not bad. Sure it isnt the most high tech of all phones out there but in comparison with other phones I have owned like the Kyocera, this is a great phone. it is highly durable as i have dropped it over twenty times yet it hasnt broken yet. the camera on the phone turns out pretty good quality. the speaker aspect isnt muffled as with most phones. it is very clear. the fact that Sanyo designed a phone that offers me Missed Alerts, Call History, Contacts listing, Messaging, Pictures, Web and Tools all in sepearte options is convenient for someone less technology savvy as most. options for designs on my phone like screensavers, ringtones and wallpaper are great too. my only regret is the phone is not as sleek as some but again, you get what you pay for. It is very easy to find accessories for the Sanyo as well. Regardless of which online store you visit, or even local stores, compatibility with other accessories is simple for this phone. Unlike most of the more high-tech phones, you will never have to go without an add-on you desire due to inavailability. it is pure innovation to design a product that isnt universal. Most marketers would think limiting availability of accessories is great for business but it really isnt. after one experience of a consumer not finding what they want, they are less likely to purchase that product the next time they are in the market.

Hampton, VA


Not impressed with this phone. I've had it for less than a year


I had to take this phone to the sprint store on three different occasions and they keep giving one broken one after another. The phone has a mind of its own it turns itself off and on. It sometimes doesn't record a number that has just been dialed and people can hear my every conversation. It does not give me privacy.

Saint Albans, NY


Much Better then the original


Much better then the original katana (mine was stolen) love the key beep noises. It hasn't broken yet and that is always a good sign!! Like this phone, Love Sanyo. Seems more durable then the original. the pink color that I have is slightly a Pepto color and I wish they had green but of well. You can't win them all

Albany, NY


Great little phone


I just love my new Katana II cellphone.  It gets reception all over my apartment when my last cellphone did not.  It's very easy to carry in a pocket or handbag due to its very slim size.  The camera on this phone works better than my digital camera and the display is the perfect size.

New York, NY


Attractive flip phone that is very durable!


I have owned and used my Sanyo Katana II cell phone for over 2 years now.  I had asked the salesperson to give me the most durable phone within my price range due to the fact that I am a mom of a toddler.  Unlike the cell phones I have owned in the past, the battery does not pop off when I drop this phone, or my son throws it across the room.  I have even thrown the phone into the yard (because I get terrible service at my house - this is not due to the particular phone, but I suppose due to my service provider and the fact that I live in a low lying area full of trees) and my dog picked it up in her mouth.  She did not bite the phone, but there was some doggy-drool on it.  LOL.  Anyhow, the point is that after approximately 2 1/2 years, at least 50 times of being dropped or thrown, on floors, outside, in the sand, you name it, it still works well.  Aside from a few small scratches it still looks new, and the screens are still perfect.  It does not have a QWERTY keyboard for texting which is a bummer, because I just got unlimited texting a month ago, but I'm adjusting to the T9 words rather quickly.  So, it's not one of the greatest phones, it doesn't have all the coolest gadgets, but if you are interest in durability, it might be the phone for you.

Cartwright, OK


Katana II by Sanyo has been my favorite phone


I purchased my Katana II last year... love the phone!  Easy to use, pink, great color....easy to set up and personalize...not sure I will ever get another  phone to replace this one....have not had any problems with it at all....

Troy, OH


Sanyo Katana II i really like the options this cell phone has.


Sanyo Katana II. I really like the options that this phone has. I love the color (pink) that it comes in. I did have one problem with my phone and that was that the ear piece went out in it.  When the ear piece went out no one could ear me but I could hear them. I was able to communicate with the persons on the other end by speakerphone. As for that I have had no other problems with my phone. Which it was replaced by the cell phone company.   Thank you Kding

Harrisonburg, VA


Good Phone for a slimline slightly above the basic phone


It has good sound and has decent reception. There are a few areas where you might have trouble. I live in a basement apt and I get good reception. The camera is ok for your everyday pics but it lacks a few camera goods like a flash.

Logan, UT


fun to use, looks awesome, a little uncomfortable


I am very happy with my Katana II...of course, you have to consider that the phone I had previously didn't do ANYTHING but make and accept calls and text messages.  It didn't have ANY fun features at all.  So, the fact that I can now access the internet and check my e-mail or movie times...I have a calendar and alarm clock...can play games...all very exciting for me.  One other perk is that I can talk for long periods of time withtout the phone becoming too hot to hold against my ear like my old phone did quite often.  The only thing that I don't like is the fact that it is very hard to go hands-free while I am talking.  I don't mean bluetooth here, I mean...just letting go and holding it on your shoulder.  It is so slim that you can't easily hold it to your ear and still hear the speaker on the other end.  Also...I wish that the face wasn't quite so flat.  I like my phone to kind of hug my ear so that I can hear better.  Of course, the screen is HUGE compared to my old phone and makes gaming and emailing very it's give and take.  All and all - very pleased.

Oklahoma City, OK


Sanyo - Katana II SCP-6650 Cell Phone

3.6 17