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Sanyo DP26640 26" HDTV-Ready LCD TV

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Sanyo DP26640 26" HDTV-Ready LCD TV


I absolutely love my Sanyo DP26640 26" HDTV-Ready LCD TV! Once again, my mother had gotten my the perfect gift. And my whole family is able to enjoy watching television. The color is great, the picture quality is fantastic, the sound quality is wonderful. I am completely satisfies with this generous gift that my mother gave me. It works well. There are not any problems with this at all. The general quality of the Sanyo DP26640 26" HDTV-Ready LCD TV is excellent! I highly recommend this product to everyone. Note: A family member did temporarily misplace the remote that came with this television. We did order another remote, through the Sanyo company. It came in the mail very quickly. We were pleased with how quickly our remote was mailed. So we had to pay for the new remote. You definitely need the remote to utilize all of the functions of this television. And it just happens that we also did later find the other remote. Now we have two!



Great - but Don't Lose the Remote!


This television was a surprise gift to us from my parents, so we received it after no comparison shopping, but I'm not sure we would have picked anything different. The Sanyo is perfectly adequate (then again, we're not picky with our tv). The HD quality is crisp and impressive. The size is just right for us, as we're not the kind who need a television the size of our wall. It's unobtrusive in our living room, yet large enough to see details. Our only issue is that, after a couple of years, we lost the remote and, while we tried to find an exact replacement via various sources, were unable to do so and had to, instead, settle for a generic universal remote. Unfortunately, this remote is, then, missing key buttons - primarily that for "Pix Shape" - which means we cannot change the settings on what we're watching to fit (or not fit) the widescreen. So DVD's are either cut off at the top and bottom or stretched at the sides. Both of which are annoying and both of which we can do nothing about. All that to say, the television works great, but keep a close watch on that remote!

Shawnee, OK


Sanyo DP26640 26" HDTV-Ready LCD TV

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