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Sanyo Compact Refrigerator SR-4433S

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The Sany Mini Fridge is Awesome


This is a great mini fridge. I have purchased two of these in my post-college career, and they are seriously awesome. I have converted both of these as brewing temperature controlled fermentors for making beer. I sometimes use them for chilling beer for a party or whatever as well. They are very light for their size, very durable, and energy efficient. They are also incredibly quiet when they cycle on and off. I like the chrome finish on the face of the unit as well, as it gives the fridge a much better look than the cheap, dorm room mini fridges you see everywhere. These things are the real deal, and could definitely serve the purpose as a fridge for a single person in a house. You can fit at least two weeks of groceries in there, easily.

San Diego, CA


This thing has everything


It comes with a freezer unit at the top, it's perfect for smaller items like popsicles but don't expect to be able to place big tubs of ice cream in there. What I like to do is use lock n locks to scoop ice cream into and store in there. Below it are 3 shelfs, again I use lock n lock containers here to to help keep things more organized. It also has a shelf at the bottom for fruits and vegetables and actually does a good job at keeping them fresh. The side door I really like a lot. You can put all your soda there, not all but enough for a small group of friends before you refill it again. There is room for milk and bigger litters of soda too and smaller spots to keep condaments and other snack items. It's everything you need in a small space.

Oakland, CA


Great for the man cave


I surprised my husband with one of these for his 36th birthday in March of 2010. He has his garage set up with a television set, satellite cable, several chairs, a large fan and space heaters for the winter, but the one thing he was missing was a refridgerator to store drinks in. With this, he and his friends can enjoy a nice cold beer or soft drink at any time, without having to worry about filling an ice chest with ice and having it melt. It is also good to store extra food in when the refridgerator inside our house gets a little bit too full, such as around holidays. The doors are perfect for storing large items such as two liter drinks and I can fit a gallon of milk in the inside if needed. The frozen food area keeps things nicely frozen, though my ice cream did get a little drippy. All of my husbands friends think it is wonderful, as do we, and my husband absolutely loves it. He was highly pleased with receiving it as a gift.

Missouri City, TX


Sanyo Compact Refrigerator SR-4433S

5.0 3