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Sanyo - Cell Phone

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Best phone I've ever had!


I have always had Sanyo phones and will more than likely keep getting them. This phone has every feature I could ask for. MP3 player, video 2 mp camera with flash, awesome sound and adequate battery life. The only thing I would like to have added to this phone is an SD slot. I will definately keep this phone until it breaks or they come out with a new version of it. 

Neoga, IL


It's awesome but it just cuts off sometimes after only a year.


I've always hated my cell phone until I got this Sanyo M1. It can do absolutely everything- take pictures, play music, get on the internet, everything! I use it as my alarm clock and it works excellently. I take photos with it and no one can believe they came from my phone. My only complaint is that sometimes it will just turn black and then turn white like it cut off, but it really didn't. Also, even though there is no SD slot, there is plenty of memory in it. I have never run out of room and I have about 20 songs and 500 pictures on it.

Raleigh, NC


This is the best one I have ever bought or been able to find!


I bought an M1 Sanyo Cell phone in 2007 and I love it.  The ringers are loud enough to wake me up in the morning.  I didn't have to buy an MP3 player since it has one in it, which is why I had my eyes on it since I needed a new phone.  Got 2 for the price of 1 type thing.  I love the pic quality and the fact it has a zoom on it that doesn't mess up the pic quality like some other phones I looked at.  I would recommend it to all if you can still get your hands on it.

Rosedale, MD


Overall I think the Sanyo M1 is okay but need more gadgets.


For the past year I have been having this phone its okay but I just think its a basic phone. The sound quality is nice. The graphics on the phone are hmm...not that great I believe sanyo did a a great job with the Sanyo M1. If you're big Sanyo fan maybe the phones for you.

Fishers, IN


Durable, stylish, reliable, modern phone...


I really LOVE this phone.  While I would have preferred to have all of its features on a slimmer handset, the phone's quality and features outweigh any negatives.  It has 1 GIG! of memory so you can save tons of pictures, videos and music!  It also has it's own mp3 player with really good volume and sound.  I love the 2 megapixel! camera/camcorder with flash & zoom features, and even a self-portrait setting!!  This phone is also the most durable phone I have ever seen.  I have dropped it sooooo many times- it even has a deep scratch on the back from the time when I fell down a couple of steps and the phone hit the edge of the step.  It still works perfectly!! I think this phone was made for someone like me..  :)

Aventura, FL


Sanyo - Cell Phone

4.8 5