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Front Load Washers
Samsung WF231ANW/XAA Washer

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Was expecting a lot better washing machine


I wash clothes daily. I don't overload the washer, more times than not it will not spin my clothes out, when I go to put them in the dryer, the clothes are still soak and wet.

Thibodaux, LA


On The Fence


I honestly don't know how to accurately rate this machine. On one hand, I absolutely LOVE it. It's the first front-loading machine that I have owned and I don't know it I can go back to top-loading after this. It's energy efficient, wrings the clothes out very well and keeps up with two adults, a preschooler and two dogs like a champ. Unfortunately, my first Samsung washer broke about four months after purchasing it brand new. It started taking hours to complete a load of clothes, repeatedly rinsing and spinning over and over - only to take the clothes out, completely soaked. I went through four appointments ("fixes") over the next eight months, countless phone calls and more headaches than I want to admit to before Samsung finally decided I had a bad washer and exchanged it for a brand new one -- that took another month or so to actually get. However, this machine seems to be great! In all honestly, I know quite a few people who own this particular washer and I seem to be the only one who had any issues. And, like I said, the new machine is just as wonderful as the first machine was the first couple months - only, not broke, and I'm definitely hoping to keep it that way!

Oakboro, NC



I have had this washer for almost 7 years. Had not a single problem with it. It does however need balanced often and becomes shaky if the balance is off. I have a pedestal under mine. Which might also affect the balance. Overall great washer!

Ringgold, GA


A helpful laundry assistant


The Samsung front Load is very easy to use and does a fantastic job of cleaning my clothes. Energy Efficiency The Samsung has a good energy rating and saves lots of money monthly with its efficient use of less electricity. Cleaning Time With this washer you can choose varying times of cleaning depending on your needs and the types of items you are washing. From clothing that needs a gentle wash or a quick freshening to the more stubborn items that need deep clean they are all there for you to choose from. Performance This washer is very good in the performance area. It is very reliable and has worked very well within all the tasks that I have put it through. Ease of Use The manual is extremely helpful in walking you through all the choices you can make with a push of a button or two. The display also lets you know exactly where the washer is at all times in its cycle. Design The Samsung is a very stylish washer that looks good in my laundry room. I also purchased the base drawer and it adds to the overall look of the machine. Durability This washer reminds me of the old Timex ads. takes a licking and keeps on ticking. I wash several loads of laundry weekly with no problems at all. It handles all the types of laundry Ihave to do with no problems at all



This is a very good washing machine.


Over all, I would buy this kind of machine again. I like front loaders. It would be worth it, though to get mine lifted so I wouldn't have to bend over so far. I can't see that being all that fun during pregnancies. It washes very well, isn't loud, doesn't shake the entire house, and gets the clothes very clean. It's super energy efficient too, which is a huge plus. The clothes are half dry before even putting them in the drier. That's really neat to me. The only thing I have to say that is somewhat negative is that you have to leave the door open for a few hours to make sure it doesn't mold, which is also the case with all front loaders. Energy Efficiency Uses very little electricity and water. Gets the clothes at least halfway dry before putting them in the drier. Cleaning Time It ranges around 50 minutes to an hour but it also has a 28 minute quick cycle. That's really neat. Performance My clothes are always clean and smell good. Ease of Use A child could figure this thing out. I guess that could be a pro and con. Design It doesn't take up much room and looks great. I love how you can put stuff on the top of it. Durability No complaints here.



Samsung WF231ANW/XAA Washer

4.0 5