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Samsung SyncMaster inch Monitor

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.excellent gaming monitor, energy star rating, good price, widescreen limited meneuverability of the stand, blinking blue led light. and after upgrading several of my pc's internal parts i finally decided to upgrade the monitor. an important piece of hardware as the right monitor can not only improve readability but save space and energy.

delhi, DE


This Samsung 22inch monitor is fantastic!!


This 22" LCD screen is excellent for PC use. I can work and view multiple programs with this size of screen.  I have used this monitor for more than 6 month and still no error and program so far. The Monitor stand is stylish also with the minotr. The minitor is 8000:1 dynamic contrast and 2 ms respond time. It is also energy star so it can save energy. I have try dual screen this moitor with my other 18" samsung lcd and it works great. The minitor is easy to adapt to my graphic card to adjust the fuction. Also the build in fuction is easy to use too. The edge between the screen and the outer case have a little gap which can accumilate dust so it needs frequently clean off. The power button shing a blue light which it matches to all my other lights for my desktop. The monitor doesnt get heat up with constant useage. Overall I am very satify with this monitor for it's size, quality, price and it's stylish looks. 

Walnut, CA


Samsung SyncMaster inch Monitor

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