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Samsung SyncMaster 19 inch LCD Monitor

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Nice display but lacks features


The samsung SyncMaster 931b LCD monitor which I bought during a sale has a very broad viewing range, unlike many other regular LCD monitors. it only comes with 1280x1024 resolution which is not that high for a 19in monitor though, I have seen 15in lcd having the same resolution. A small issue is that you may have to get a DVI cable yourself which is not included in the box like other manufacturers. The monitor has both VGA and DVI connections, but no HDMI which is the current trend in electronics. This monitor is VERY CLEAR, especially when the contrast ratio is 700:1. ALthough the monitor doesn't have height adjustment my desk is high enough to handle that issue. Overall the product is highly recommended!

Hainesport, NJ


The somewhat awesome Samsung SyncMaster 931B


The Samsung SyncMaster 931B is a 19 inch Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) monitor that can display a native 1280x1024 resolution. This black LCD monitor has a swivel base that can tilt the monitor, but you cannot raise or lower the monitor (so if your desk is a little lower, prepare to pull out those yellow pages). The monitor comes with a VGA and DVI ports that is concealed by a plastic cover (helps with the wiring). The DVI port (if used) will produce a better image because DVI is a digital output versus the VGA's analog output. Overall the price for the monitor is relatively inexpensive for the quality. With a 700:1 contrast ratio, this monitor was a decent value. Now in 2011, this monitor is dated and not considered a good buy. With the advent of newer monitors that can display in high definition ration (e.g.) 1920x1080 (aka 1080p resolution), this monitor is already considered defunct. Samsung made a good display, I hope that this will continue in the future.

Davis, CA


Samsung SyncMaster 19 inch LCD Monitor

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