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Samsung - SGH-D520 Cell Phone

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My Samsung SGH-D520 Review


I've used the Samsung SGH-D520 cell phone for almost 3 years prior to getting a smartphone. I purchased this phone unlocked on eBay because my previous phone had broke and I had done some research and found this phone to have high reviews. I really miss having the compact size and easy to use functions, but after making the change to a smart phone, the Samsung SGH-D520 cell phone isn't really comparable. However, if you're on a limited budget and need a low maintainance, low profile phone then the Samsung SGH-D520 cell phone is a great option. Actually, the battery life on this phone lasts days longer than my iPhone, but this can be justified by it's functionality. I hate having things in my pockets (even a wallet), but the Samsung SGH-D520 cell phone is so small that I don't really notice it. Before getting the Samsung SGH-D520 cell phone, I had a Motorola Razr which was a terrible phone and significantly larger than the Samsung.

Huntington Beach, CA


Pretty Good Phone


I recently acquired this phone when my husband and I transferred phone plans.  Previously, I had had a Motorola Razor.  That was okay, a pretty basic phone.  Before that, I have a Blackberry.  This was a nice mix between the two.  The Blackberry was just getting too expensive since I wasn't working any longer so I really couldn't justify it.  This phone is pretty nice.  It has email capability, which I like.  The downside is that you have to log in to the internet to get to it.  I think that is lame.  Another nice feature is the covered keyboard.  After having the razor, I knew I wanted to go back to having a keyboard.  It is just SO much easier.  This keyboard is pretty nice.  It makes texting and sending emails pretty easy.  I also like that it is protected so you don't accidentally make calls or send texts.  This phone came in a bunch of fun colors, including my favorite color of green.  All in all, a pretty decent phone that is a step up from a basic phone.

Raleigh, NC


This is the best phone ever!..


There is a lot to love about this phone, such as the super-cool slide design, the excellent display, reception, and I'll even give it durability, given that I have dropped it from waist height 3 times, with no problems.However, I have a few specific medium sized problems. First is dialing. Dialing this phone with one hand (such as while driving) is very difficult, for two reaasons. One, the buttons are too small and close together, unless you have very small, girly thumbs. The other reason is that the dialing buttons are too close to the bottom of the phone, which makes it almost impossible to (with one hand) dial the 0, #, 8, or 9 keys without cramping your thumb, and/or dropping the phone. (Same situation with my Sirius Sportster remote control.) This is a huge deal for me, considering how much I drive and use the phone.The other situation is the ringer volume. If you get to the menu setting for the ringer volume, and set it all the way high, it will play a sample ring, which has a very loud ring. But once you push "OK" to set it, and then receive a call, it doesnt play nearly as loud as the sample ring. At its highest setting, the ringer volume is barely sufficient, while driving 75mph in my 2006 Chevy Impala, with the radio on level 25 (out of 45), and the phone sitting on the door grab handle. I give you the specifics to prove that my hearing isn't bad.To conclude, the phone performs excellently, for everything it attempts. The two problems above render it almost useless to a guy like me, that drives highway speeds a lot, and works in somewhat noisy environments.

Fort Pierce, FL


Samsung - SGH-D520 Cell Phone

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