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Samsung - SGH- Cell Phone

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Superb Battery Life!


This phone is the reason why I would never purchase an Iphone or Smartphone - I could go without charging my phone for 3-4 days. Also large phones look pretty stupid, when I see someone talking on one or when they put it next to their face it looks like they are talking to a brick . The camera on this thing is a plus but not the best, I am the type of person that don't mind carying around 2-3 devices at a time, for example I have this phone and my Ipod touch 4G, If you really think about it I have an Iphone 4G! lol, the only thing missing from my ipod is the phone and camera feature. I honestly have to say that this phone is design perfectly, I actually perfer flip phones because they look better and looks more professional. Chicks Dig Flip phones! Below are some pros and cons that I would like to provide: Pros:- Long battery - Great Design- Light Weight Cons:- Has a non-usb charger slot - Would be better if it was USB which is more universal- Can not extend memory

Saint Paul, MN


you get what you pay for....


My previous phones just keep dieing on me. So after losing like half of my phone contact list, i found this phone was on sale for prepaid t-mobile. It's just a basic phone but it's worth it for it's very cheap price. It even have a camera build in, however, the camera's resolution is very poor. It came with couple demo games. Pool, some i are you smarter than third grade game, family guy, and tetris. It would be better if some of the game is not demo. Battery life is impressively good, i can use the phone for like 2 or 3 day and charge it once. It does not have any external storage port and no computer connection wire is included. So you can only use the build in ringtone and pictures, unless you are willing to paid for the downloaded ones from t-mobile. Reception is okay, acceptable. The external screen is a plus but don't expect much from it. You can not customize it only display time,date, reception bar, and battery bar.

Walnut, CA


Samsung T139, okay for the price.


I don't use my cell phone much, really only to be available for my kids when I'm away from home or for emergencies. This model was available with the T- mobile plan I wanted to go with and was on sale. I was happy that it had a camera, (my old Motorola didn't) and it seemed decent enough. What I didn't know was that I wouldn't be able to transfer the pictures to my computer without buying data minutes. You can get a data cable but there doesn't seem to be any software out there to make it workable. I understand it is costly to email them to yourself using data minutes. Aside from that, the call quality is good enough. There are a few games that my Daughter likes and the picture customizing is fun. I guess I'll have to keep looking for a way to get the camera connected. I'm not willing to pay for internet time , who want's to try and navigate online on that tiny screen, not me anyway. This phone has bluetooth, I believe you can upload pictures at a kiosk that way. Haven't tried it yet. Overall, okay if you're budget concious like me.

Oroville, CA


Samsung - SGH- Cell Phone

3.0 3