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Samsung - Propel Cell Phone

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Samsung - Propel Cell Phone

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Most Liked Positive Review


Samsung Propel: Good overall phone, excellent price

I have had my Samsung Propel for approximately three months.  I bought this phone for several reasons: 1) I was looking for a phone with a full keyboard to better facilitate...Read complete review

I have had my Samsung Propel for approximately three months.  I bought this phone for several reasons: 1) I was looking for a phone with a full keyboard to better facilitate texting, 2) I don't like the "flip" style, or clam-shell, phones, 3) I like the sleek, modern look of the phone, and 4) I like the large screen on this model.  Once I got the phone home and began experimenting with it, there were a few things that I learned I did not like about this model.  The first thing I decided I did not like was the lack of control over the camera's zoom feature.  Other people might have figured out how to zoom this camera, but I haven't been able to so.  Another thing I don't care for is the ringtone volume, or lack of it.  I like to have a wide range of volume choices and this phone just can't ring loud enough to suit me.  The only other thing that makes me nervous about this model phone is that I notice after three months of use, the slide of the phone is starting to feel a little loose.  Does that mean this model is going to fall apart after three more months?  I'm not unusually hard on my phones, I don't drop them a lot and try hard to take care of them, so hopefully this is just the slide phone "loosening up", so to speak.  Overall this phone has been wonderful, and since I got this phone for free with the promotion AT&T was running at the time, I couldn't have been happier with the price.  My only lasting concern is that I doubt this phone will last 18 more months until my contract is ready for renewal. 


Most Liked Negative Review


Samsung Propel is okay.

Overall, this is an okay phone.

The keypad is pretty tiny, but you get used to it.

There's a lot of space for texting. You can have over...Read complete review

Overall, this is an okay phone.

The keypad is pretty tiny, but you get used to it.

There's a lot of space for texting. You can have over 200 messages in your inbox before you have to worry about deleting them to clear up space.

Personally I hate that the center key connects you to the internet. I don't need the internet and I don't want to pay for it, but each month it's almost a given that the center button is pressed, therefore charing air time that you're not really even using. That is my biggest complaint. I'm thinking most people pay the extra money to have unlimited internet though, so it's probably not a problem for most. I've looked into deactivating the key, and they can do that BUT it means no picture messaging (which is including in what I pay for)!!

I also wish there was a SILENT mode. The vibration mode is as low as it gets, and that's pretty loud/obnoxious when it goes off (great for keeping in your pocket).

The camera/video works pretty well. Would obviously work better if there was a flash, but I don't purchase a phone for the cameras ability.That's what my camera is for!

Other than that I really have no complaints. Pretty straight forward and easy to use! You can set up the menu to have quick access to whatever tools you may want to use. Call log/history is very easy to understand. The phonebook allows you to add several numbers to one person if needed. The calendar is great! Also no problems with the sound/volume.

Reviewed by 60 customers

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Great phone :)


from Wheat Ridge, Colorado

About Me Parent, Practical


  • Attractive Design
  • Big Buttons
  • Brilliant Display
  • Easy Navigation
  • Great Battery Life
  • Great OS
  • QWERTY Keypad


  • Small Buttons

Best Uses

  • Email
  • Games
  • Making Calls
  • Organizing Contacts
  • Texting
  • Web Browsing

Comments about Samsung - Propel Cell Phone:

I got this phone after my LG Vu pooped out on me, and I loved it. They keyboard did had tiny buttons but that's something you get used to over time. This phone was incredibly easy to use and I wish I could find my charger for it because I'd still play with it. It's an embarrassing story but I accidentally dropped the phone into the back tank of my toilet on accident and I let it set out for like 3 months and the darn thing still worked it's incredible how durable and how high quality Samsung's phones are. I would definitely Reccomend this phone to a friend if they still sold it.

  • Phone Size:
  • Just Right
  • Bluetooth Connectivity:
  • Quality Connection
  • Data Connection Speed:
  • Average
  • Affiliation:
  • I am an employee or otherwise affiliated with the brand

Great affordable phone


from Plymouth, MI

Comments about Samsung - Propel Cell Phone:

This is a great middle of the road phone.  I liked that I had several color options to choose from - love the red & white model!  The camera on the phone is good, but I highly recommend good lighting conditions since there is no flash on the phone.  It is also best when taking pictures up close and not from a distance.  The phone slides with ease and is pretty easy to operate.   It's has the ability to instant message on Yahoo, AOL or Windows Live. You can browse the internet on this phone.  It also has a GPS feature, games you can download and play.  It has a mp3 player and you can customize your ringtones with this phone.   My favorite feature is the alarm clock, since I have to set multiple alarms each day and this works perfect for us.   You also have the standard cell phone features for setting up a phone book, being able to text message, lots of storage space for messages and photos too!  Great phone for someone who wants the basics that is simple to use!

  • Performance:
  • Voice Quality:
  • Battery Life:
  • Durability:
  • Ease of Use:
  • Design:

This phone has it all!


from Malden, MO

Comments about Samsung - Propel Cell Phone:

My husband and I recently retired our Razor phone, thinking it would be hard to beat.  We both chose the Samsung Propel and hoped for the best.  We've had it for several months now, and love it. 

It is a slide phone.  I had never had one before, but I love it much better than flip.  My husband's phone stick a little when you try to slide it, but I attribute that to his working habits and unintentional abuse of the phone. Mine works perfectly. 

It does take a little more technical insight to figure it out.  It's kinda like having a mini computer in your pocket.  It you're technically challenged, it may take you a while to get going.

There are plenty of add-ons such as email, internet, GPS, music, and ringtones.  My husband and I pretty much go for the basics of calling, voice mail, and text messages. 

The camera does as well as any cell phone camera.  We basically wanted a good phone with good coverage and easy to learn.  Okay, I admit it.  It looks COOL too!!!

I definitely recommed this phone.  I just wish they had a few more colors to choose from.


The motorola propel is a great phone but is lacking in speed.


from Bedford, TX

Comments about Samsung - Propel Cell Phone:

The motorola propel is a great full keyboard texteding phone. Easy and covinant to use. Fun and reliable and plenty of cute cases that you can order or pick up at a mall kiosk. The phone itself is two colors and has a neat design on the back of the top that flips up. There is also another choice of getting a skin that fits it. This is a neat option because you can design them yourself and make them completely personable.

I don't like how long it takes between the picking your option. If you want to unlock your phone, after pressing the two keys that you have to puch you have to wait for your phone to respond. This is the same with opening all applications. A couple of other features are hard to navigate through, like picking who you want to send a texted to, or just picking someone to call out of your phone book. There are too many steps to these procedures to make this an easy phone for someone to use. It also makes it hard to teach someone to use it.


Solid phone, goes a little wonky sometimes...


from Austin, TX

Comments about Samsung - Propel Cell Phone:

The phone is all over a good product, I have used for over a year now, the slide does get loose then and again, but battery life is solid, keyboard is easy to use. The internet function on the phone takes a little getting used to, it is not a browser exactly, but it has browsing capabilities.

It does come with a couple of decent Java games like Tetris, it also comes with a navigation system, weather app and banking app. The Facebook mobile connection I found worked better with my blackberry. The text messaging memory only holds 200 at a time and it does take a long time to delete, so if you are an avid texter this may not be the phone for you. The alarm works well, the calculator works well and it is easy to navigate through the system tools. All in all it is a functional phone, although it is not as flashy as the iphone, I would recommend it for a personal cell, if you are looking for something to use for business I would stick with the iphone or the blackberry for sure. 

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Great phone with many features


from Easthampton, MA

Comments about Samsung - Propel Cell Phone:

I recently upgraded to the Samsung Propel. I wasn`t too sure about it when i got it home. I always had a flip phone so going to a slider with a full qwerty keyboard was a big change for me.

It has taken a while but i am now used to the full keyboard for texting which i text all the time. I am also on the internet alot and this phone makes emailing and instant messaging so much easier.

The camera on this phone is Awesome. It takes the best pictures i have ever seen on a cell phone. Video messageing is also a great feature on this phone.

The one thing i am having a problem with is finding a good case for the Samsung Propel. The one i do have is not working out and it is really difficult to get the phone out when someone is calling or texting me. Samsung needs to cdome up with other ideas for cell phone cases for slider phones.

So far this has been my favorite phone of all. the speaker is excellent with no static at all and i can actually hear people on it.




Samsung Propel is great


from Altamonte Springs, FL

Comments about Samsung - Propel Cell Phone:

The Samsung Propel is a great phone to have. It is lightweight and the key pad has slightly larger numbers than other qwerty keyboard phones. The phone rings loud and has a great speakerphone. I have dropped this phone at least one thousand times and it is still going strong. The battery does not last as long as other phones which is why I lowered the rating by one star. The phone came free with my new two year contract and was easy to get acquainted with. There is a large memory to this phone and I can keep all of my numbers on it. The phone is easy to navigate. It is also easy to text. The text messages that come through sometimes need multiple screens. The phone fits easily in my pocket when partying!


Propeling Over Other Phones


from Central Point, OR

Comments about Samsung - Propel Cell Phone:

This phone is undestructable. It accidently fell off a truck and got run over multiple times with tire marks all over the cover. It didn't get a crack and still worked, the phone bent a little so it was slightly curved afterward and I didn't get as good as service, but it lasted me three years after. I show horses and its been dropped out of my pocket and stepped on, that was the one time it recieved a small, unnoticeable crack. Its been dropped in the ocean and left in puddles. Baby undestructable too, take it babysitting and not have to worry about is a great feeling. This phone looks cool and has good video and pictures, I've uploaded them on youtube and facebook with ok quality. Today this phone is pretty cheap so great for first time phone users because its so easy to use!


Samsung Propel, Decent Phone for first 9 months, Keys/Camera Bad


from Bristol, RI

Comments about Samsung - Propel Cell Phone:

When I purchased this phone, I thought it would be great until it arrived in the mail and I realized how small the keys were. Being that I am a male, I do not have skinny fingers and always find myself deleting letters and retyping words quite often. The phone's camera is not that great either, but of course most of us are not purchasing a phone to use it as a camera. I have had many issues with drop calls, but some people are more convinced that it is the service and not the phone that is causing these issues. I have had this phone for nearly two years and I seriously cannot wait to change it. The battery life has gotten so short that I am charging it nearly everyday. It worked fine for the first 9 months, and if it worked that way for the whole time I would have no issue with the phone. Using this phone is not an issue as everything is pretty easy to find, it's just the battery life and the small keyboard that I find very hard to justify this as a good phone


Great cell phone for a cheap price


from Itasca, IL

Comments about Samsung - Propel Cell Phone:

The Sam sung Propel A 767 is a great cell phone for anyone who isn't looking for anything too high tech but wants a good quality phone with some options.  I've had this phone for over 2 years and it still works really great. 

Some of the PROS of the Samsung Propel A767 Cell Phone are:  It is really cute, it slides open to expose a full keyboard for easy texting, the sliding option makes it difficult to "accidentally" dial someone's number when the phone is in your pocket or your purse, comes in a few different colors, makes calls easily, has speaker phone option, has calendar and alarm clock option, is pretty easy to use if you are not a super expert techie person.  This phone also lasts a really long time. 

SOme of the CONS of the Samsung PRopel A67:  This phone doesn't have tons and tons of high tech options, so if you are looking for a really high tech phone, this may not be the one for you. 

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