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Samsung Cell Phone

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Not a bad deal


I was in need of a cell phone a few months ago, and as luck would have it a friend of mine gave me a Samsung r211, as he udgraded to a camera phone. The cell phone is working great and Cricket is the wireless carrier. I use the phone to text my children sometimes and also I can access the internet. It is small and easy to carry so I can just put it into my pocket and need no carrying case. It is able to download games and music and stuff but I have not used it to that level yet. I have used it for over four months now and I have not had a problem with it., but I did get disconnected once a few weeks ago. It was charged but I was talking on it for about an hour before it happened. I thought it was my friends phone and still do., although they think it was my phone, we will never know I guess.  Any Who I am happy with it and would recomend it to all. I think I will stay with Samsung in the future if I decide to upgrade to a camera phone.

Pittsburgh, PA


Samsung Cell Phone

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