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Samsung - Cell Phone

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Solid Slider Phone


In an age where everyone is always going for the latest and greatest in phones (including myself), there was a phone that came out a few years ago that would be my first cell phone, and that turned out to be the samsung t249. While I wanted a smartphone, this was a cheap phone that got my through until I could afford one. It is definitely a durable phone, and with a battery that generally lasts more then a week per charge (insane, I know), this is definitely a great little phone. The menus are easy to navigate, while the outside of the phone is pretty nice to look at. The bezel can get scratched up, so be careful with that. It is a durable phone. The camera is pretty cruddy, but it works if you need to take some extremely quick snaps. I reccomend getting a belt case for it, because while it slips into the pocket easily, it can also slip out as well. The phone is pretty cheap, so I definitely reccomend it.

Forest, VA


The t249 is a frustrating phone


First of all, I must admit that I am not a technology geek. I chose the Samsung t249 because it looked nice, I liked how it fit in my pocket, and it because it was free. There are some good things about this phone. It is very easy to use. The menu is simple and easy to maneuver. It is sleek and relatively small. The battery seems to stay charged for a very long time. However, this phone also has some major flaws that make it incredibly frustrating to use. For example, the keypad does not actually lock, so while in your pocket the phone can easily turn off, turn back on, answer calls, and reject calls. This phone is also pretty fragile. If dropped-even onto a carpeted floor, it easily breaks apart into several pieces. It is easy to put back together, but pretty inconvenient.

Layton, UT


Samsung - Cell Phone

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