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Samsung Cell Phone

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Takes a beating!


This phone is not advanced by any means, but if all you need to do is make a call or text, it's great! I am very rough and go through phones quickly. This phone has lasted for 3 years. I've even dropped it in my Iced Tea, dried it out for a few days and it still worked. My husband and teenager have smart phones but always have problems. you just can't beat this phone for durability.

Porterville, CA


A great little phone except for.......


This phone if anything is dependable. the battery is strong and lasts awhile. I lived in Maine and theres very few places up north that have reception. my friends with there big fancy phones couldn't get out. Mine did. However, there are limits that aren't handy. No camera so you can't take or receive pictures.

Shelby, OH


Needs better push buttons on Samsung Cell Phone


Wish I would have shopped around a bit more. Sound isnt good, push buttons are weak. Sometimes dont even work. Does store numbers well, but you are limited to how many IM's you can store. Like I said wish I would have shopped around a bit more

Fullerton, CA


OK for the price.


The menu desktop (calendar, calculator, alarm, etc.) is very good. This is good for those looking for an electronic calendar, as it even has an alarm, and allows notes. This phone was purchased with a pay as you go account. While the pay as you go setup is good for the financially strained, the quality is questionable. This phone has difficulies in making/placing calls, texting, and making you aware of voicemail on the weekend (the phone company is partly to blame). The one major flaw not discussed in the booklet is that if the "auto date and time" is set up and used, the phone will re-boot itself several times a day. It doesn't matter if you are playing a game, searching the web, or talking to a friend. This phone has limits as to how much it can do at one time. A definate truth to "you get what you pay for."

Panorama City, CA


I love Samsung and all their cellphones that make cells easy


My first samsung was all black and it was by sprint it was great. my service was excellent, and it had the best reception. I like their producets and they make quality phones. The manual was simple and easy to read to set up service was also easy. Yep, Samsung is my first choice when it comes to cellular phones.  They just can't be beat

New York, NY


Samsung Cell Phone

3.8 5