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Samsung 60" 6000 Series 1080p LED Smart HDTV - UN60H6203


60" Class 1080p 120Hz LED Smart TV Offers an Incredible Viewing Experience

Experience vivid color and dramatic contrast with the Samsung 60" Class 1080p 120Hz LED Smart TV. Your favorite movies, sports and shows will be more vibrant, dynamic and detailed with Micro Dimming technology, which makes your whites whiter and your blacks deeper.

The 60" Class 1080p LED Smart TV also features a full web browser so you can access all your favorite content with ease. Enjoy everything from online shopping, social media browsing, entertainment news and the latest YouTube hits. Catch up on the latest content, and then go back to watching TV.

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We are really enjoying our Samsung Smart TV


I feel like we have a huge movie screen in our family room. The colors are absolutely superb. The picture is not only clear but it is beautiful. I haven't yet learned to use all of the wonderful features that are available, but the ones I HAVE already used make me feel like I have a giant computer screen in my family room as well. Durability We have had this Smart tv for a while now and there has been no problem with durability whatsoever. Design its just a typical flat screen tv. a plain frame with a stand. nothing to get excited about...just somewhat generic looking. But I don't think I would want it to have a bunch of other designer details on it. Performance The performance is great. The colors are lovely and they are all very clear. There is good stereo sound to it. I love all the other features that this tv offers...particularly the close captioning function...since sometimes it is hard for me to determine what is being said on the tv due to my new hearing loss.

Irvine, CA


Great TV. Couldn't ask for anything to be better.


This would be a 8 or 9 if we hadn't also purchased a Bose sound bar which has made all the difference in the overall quality. Picture Quality We had a 50" Toshiba that we replaced with the Samsung & hadn't realized how the picture quality had deteriorated over the years. Of course it never had the sharp image that this one does. Sound Quality Again only because we added a really good Bose sound bar. The sound was OK but nothing like it is with the Bose. Durability Who knows? It's new. Design Nice flat screen. Performance Everything works great it's a Smart TV so we do the internet, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, email & of course sports.



Samsung 60" 6000 Series 1080p LED Smart HDTV - UN60H6203

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