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Samsung 46 in. LCD TV

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Highly recommend the Samsung LN46C550 46 inch LCD TV


The Samsung LN46C550 46 inch HDTV-Ready LCD flat-screen television is one of the best investments I've ever made.  It is the first flat-screen TV I've ever purchased and I've been blown away by its picture quality, The colors have never been more vibrant and the picture so detailed when I'm watching HD television or movies. For example, if golf is on TV (I don't really watch it, but it is a good example), I picture is so detailed that I can actually see the grain of the greens.  There are also excellent features to the TV such as its Media Player.  This feature allows an external hard drive to be connected to the television so that movies, music, or pictures can be viewed/listened to.  I can also hook my laptop up to this television via an HDMI cable to view the internet or watch movies direction from it as well. I can't recommend the Samsung LN46C550 46 in. HDTV-Ready LCD TV enough.  The value, features and functionality of this TV are exceptional.

Fairport, NY


Great Picture


We bought this TV last year before Christmas.  We mounted this TV on our wall in our bedroom.  I love the picture that it has.  We bought a Sony Bravia around the same time for our living room, and this Samsun TV has a much better picture.  It is also much easier to set up than the Sony.  We bought a BluRay DVD to go with it, and I can't even tell the difference between a BluRay and regular DVD because the picture is so clear anyway.  We have not have any problems at all with this TV.  I have never had to contact customer service or use the warranty so I do not know how good that component is.  It is a little bit pricer than some other TVs, but it is worth the money.  The controls are easy to figure out.  I also love the little sound that it makes when you turn it off and on.  I wish that my Sony made that sound.    Because of this TV, I think I will always buy Samsung.  It is a great product and would recommend to anyone.

Walsh, IL




This tv is awesome! IT has great picture on hi def or regular channels. All movies look GREAT! You can even get on the internet  and use facebook, blockbuster, netflix, twitter, hulu and many more. There are so many options with this. The remote is very big, not going to lose it and the buttons light up! I even called customer service one time and they were awesome!!

Lawton, OK


I really enjoy our Samsung tv but the customer service is poor.


We bought our Samsung LCD tv a little over a year ago and are very happy with the product.  At first it seemed HUGE but once we got it mounted on the wall it really looks good in our living room.  The picture quality on this TV is excellent and I would recommend it to any of my friends or family. The two major complaints I have with the tv are that it can get quit hot if left on for any significant amount of time and the customer service at Samsung is difficult and inconvienent.  After owning the tv for over a year I have to say that the two complaints are strongly over-shadowed by the quality of the tv itself.  We have 2 small boys in our family and they are anything but gentle on our things but this tv has been able to withstand their small, grubby hands.  If I had to do it all over again I would definetly purchase this particular tv again.  It was well worth the money and we are very glad we made the purchase.

Allerton, IA


Samsung 46 in. LCD TV

4.8 4