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Samsung 40 in. LCD TV

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My first tv.


I got this tv half off when I bought an air conditioner. That was over seven years ago and the tv is still in working order! Nothing is wrong with it at all. So I think these tvs last a very long time which is good! Picture Quality The picture quality was amazing! Durability I have had it for over seven years.



The apparently "new" Samsung lcd TV


At first site the television looked normal and even elegantly pleasant. But after turning on..that's when everything had changed in my mind. It was an undeniable sight as the television just sat their idly with its grainy and sometimes blury picture protruding from the screen. Even my colleagues whom i invited over that day said that it was a horrible purchase especially with its high price. First off the television has horrid speakers that cannot even handle what most movies nowadays have to put out, in most occasions it would smiple play the bass and nothing else. Next is the ghosting effect that the tv seems to throw out there along with the  ugly color that the tv comes in. Apart from all of these flaws the television does have one thing going well for it, its easy to set up for people who are not tech savy not to mention the remote even lights up! all in all this is not what i would recommend to someone who I like, for the simple fact that it would be plain torture to have to watch.

Austin, TX


Great HDTV with some minor issues


I bought this TV about a couple months ago and the picture quality is really great but there are some minor issues that annoy me. I am not sure if I have the settings wrong, but I am expriencing a lot of ghosting with this TV., especially during scenes with red colors in them. Also, sometimes when I switch sources (TV to HDMI cable), there is no sound coming from the TV. The TV just makes a ticking noise and I am forced to refresh the connection in order to get sound. On the other hand, the quality of the picture is excellent except forthe ghosting and some minor flash lighting in the right hand corners. The remote is great and the majority of the buttons light up so that it is easily accessible during the night time or in dark rooms. The HDTV also looks more expensive than it actually costs. The stand has clear parts to it that make it look elegant and expensive. Also, this HDTV has touch sensitive controls on the lower right hand corner that allow you to control the TV.

East Hartford, CT


Amazing Picture, Sub-par sound


I couldn't be more happy about my decision to buy this TV. The picture quality is amazing. All images from SD TV to DVD to HD TV to Blu-ray look fantastic. The contrast is great - blacks appearing deep and dark, whites appearing crisp and clean, perfect shadows, and every color in between appearing in it's full fidelity. Having compared many different brands and models before making my purchase decision I'm confident I got the most out of my money. My only big issue with the TV is the sound quality. It's great for most content but doesn't always sound crisp and clear at higher volumes. I've had to hook up my own sound system to it to get good sound quality to match the picture... I keep trying to adjust it thinking I must be doing something wrong. Overall I would recommend this TV to a friend but would recc buying a sound system to compliment. It's a great value for the money compared to other models.

West Nyack, NY


Go Plasma or LED


Needing a television for a spare bedroom, I decided to purchase the Samsung - LN46C630 LCD television. I have used Samsung plasma televisions before so I felt confident going with this brand. Unfortunetly, I was not impressed at all. The colors look a bit washed out, the blacks are not very deep, and most importantly I can see a lot of ghosting. The ghosting is especially viewable when watching any type of sporting event. It may not bother others, but this makes viewing basketball basically unwatchable. This is the first time I have owned a LCD television so I'm not sure if this is an ongoing problem with these sets. The sound is also lacking. I usually never use speakers from a television, but since this was for a spare bedroom, I didn't feel like spending extra on a audio setup. I guess its not too bad if all your doing is watching sitcoms and what not, but for anything else, I recommend an audio receiver with some decent speakers. Overall I really couldn't find anything I liked about this TV. Look elsewhere.

West Covina, CA


Samsung LN46C630 39.9 in. LCD TV


*The Samsung LN46C630 Flat screen tv is one of the best televisions I have seen on the market. It has a picture quality second to none. It is very light and I have even hung mine on my wall which gives me so much more room now. It opened up my whole living room area. It was very easy to mount on the wall and the start up menu was very easy to follow and set up. The sound is fantastic and when the volume is turned up it has a theater sound to it that blows you away. The picture is crystal clear with very deep definition. When you watch a sporting event you can see the beads of sweat on the heads of the athletes. Watching a hockey game is so much easier to follow the puck around the arena. You can sit any where in the room at any angle and still get a beautiful view and see a great picture. For my living room area a 40 inch tv was just what i needed. If I had a bigger room I would have gotten a larger size screen but the 40 inch is a perfect fit for most rooms.*

New Bedford, MA


Samsung Rocks!


Have had this since November of 2010 and have had no problems! I bought this on black friday for a great deal!  It has nice pictures, good sound quality, good resolution, etc. I have always been a fan of Samsung especially starting with their phones.  This is the first Samsung Tv I have purchased and its probaly the best one yet! I use it to play the Ps3 and the tv I had before didn't take all of the picture.  It was only parts of it, but this one has it all!This tv is great for connecting it to a computer and can be used for watching movies. I absolutely love it. I have had no problems with ghosting, universal problem, sound, or quality. The set up for the Tv is easy and fast! I would definitely recommend this tv to anyone especially for the gamers out their. The size is just great and pictures are beautiful! Also can be used for like home theatre if wanted. This Samsung Tv is a great quality for a great price!

Grapevine, TX


Samsung Is the Way to Go


had an old tube television from about twenty years ago and it finally bit the dust. I was going to get a plasma but then I saw the picture quality on the Samsung models and was really blown away. I expected high definition to be an improvement on my old standard-definition set but I had absolutely no idea the difference would be as big as it is. The forty-inch size is somewhat bigger than my old set, but it is nothing like going to the movie theater. The main attraction for me is the quality of the picture. The colors really do pop, and they all seem true-to-life to my eye. I like that I can watch this set the front room without having to drape all the windows--the set has no problem displaying well in a fairly bright room. The motion on a football game is almost like being there. Some have suggested HD sets don't always handle motion well, but that has not been my experience with the Samsung LN46C630.

Stockton, CA


Samsung LCD TV ~ A must have!


My husband has been pining for months to get a flat panel big screen.  This is the one we decided on because it was the best compromise between size and price.  The picture is crisp and the speakers are pretty good, although they aren't as loud as an external speaker system.  This is my first flat panel tv so I don't have anything to compare it to as far as Plasma, LCD, or LED.  The resolution is great and I believe it was a good buy for the price.  I believe that Samsung is one of the leaders in the flat panel TV industry from reading the reviews online.  My husband is VERY happy with this brand and model of TV.  It's just the right size for our moderate sized living room.   Our of the box it was easy to assemble and is very light weight.  My only complaint is the pedastal/stand that comes with the TV.  It does swivel so when you try to adjust the placement on the TV stand, the stand usually ends up sitting crooked but really not a big deal.  We will likely be mounting this TV on our wall once we buy the brackets for it so the base quality is really a non-issue for us.   I would recommend this TV and I would buy it again.

La Plata, MD


Samsung - LN46C630 39.9 in. LCD TV


I bought this tv and it is amazing. It has great quality with a great depth to the picture.  For the price it was absolutely amazing.  I've bought other tvs for the price and was less than satisfied.  I highly recommend the Samsung 39.9in LCD TV.    

Houston, TX


Samsung 40 in. LCD TV

4.4 27