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French Door Refrigerators
Samsung 28 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator RF4287HABP / RF4287HARS / RF4287HAWP

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i love this fridge


this is a great fridge. holds lots of things and different sizes

orlando, fl


Stay away


Touchscreen routinely does not work, and no, it isn't the child lock. When you unplug it to fix the broken screen, it goes to demo mode, where it acts like it is working, but does not refrigerate anything. Also, drawers aren't the way to go, stick with doors. Replacing the filter causes so many problems with the screen and trying to get it properly mounted that we've just given up. Do not buy.



Best fridge for a family!


The extra drawer is pure genius for families with kids! We keep all of the favorite snacks and drinks in the drawer so the kids are in and out quickly! The freezer is awesome with the extra interior sliding drawer, I can see everything that is in there! We changed from a side by side and it is the best decision we have ever made. No more wasted food! Noise Level the icemaker startles us sometimes, but overall it is quiet! Interior Organization It took me a while to figure out best placement for 2 liters and gallons, but the bottom shelf is awesomely adaptable for tall items that can not fit in the door. Temperature Control The drawer has optional temp control that is fantastic! Ease of Cleaning The interior and exterior wipe clean easily. Durability We have had this 8 months and have not had a single issue, hopefully we will have this one a long, long, time. Design Any family that has kids that stand at the open fridge and stare to see what they want will love the extra drawer, put all of their faves in it and there will be no more wasted electricity! The interior LED lighting is fantastic! I always tease my husband by saying a woman must have designed this one!



This is a great family refrigerator!


We upgraded significantly from our last refrigerator, and we are so pleased with the results. This fridge has much more storage, doors that can hold everything from condiments to full gallons of milk, and a water dispenser to boot! Our favorite feature would be the "snack drawer". We have 3 kids, and putting healthy snacks in an easy to reach spot makes everyone's life easier. Noise Level The fridge itself is quiet enough, however the ice-maker can be noisy. Interior Organization There is plenty of room, my only complaint would be storing tall bottles/2liters/pitchers. I originally liked the option of the half-shelf for storing these type of items, but overall it seems a waste of space. I generally just leave this drawer out. Problem solved! Temperature Control The temperature has remained consistent. Ease of Cleaning Shelves are easily removable for cleaning. Durability We've had this just over a year, but it seems to be quite durable. Our two year old has tried to climb it, and the fridge holds it own.

Papillion, NE


LOVE this fridge!


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this fridge!! We have had this fridge for over a year. We have had absolutely NO problems with it. We get complements from our friends and family on it all the time. I love the pull out draw. We use it for drinks and the drink temp control makes them so nice and crisp tasting. I love that there is a shelf that you can slide back inside so that you can fit tall items. There are only two things I would change. One is that I would also add a lock for the water dispenser. There is a lock for the ice, but not the water. The water button stick down lower than the ice and my toddler can reach it. The other is that I would make the ice maker storage bin detachable. It would be nice to be able to just detach the bin where the ice is kept after being made incase you need a bulk amount. Besides that, I LOVE this fridge!

Orlando, FL


The best refrigerator I've ever owned


This is the best refrigerator I've ever owned. There's a place for everything. I never have to shuffle things around to be able to fit in extra leftovers or whatever else like I used to with our old side by side. Noise Level The overall noise level is very quiet, but the ice maker can be a bit loud when it's making new ice. I've read that lining the ice container with a drawer liner or silicone mat can take care of this problem, but it hasn't bothered me enough to give that solution a try. Interior Organization The only major complaint I have regarding interior organization is that if you want to store more than 3 or so tall containers (milk, jugs of juice, soda bottles, etc.) you have to flip up the shelves to allow for the extra height and you really lose a lot of shelf space when doing so. I am not a huge fan of the dividers in the snack drawer either. They are essentially just a wire frame with an open center, so things tend to fall through when you open/close the drawer with any sort of force. Durability We've only had this refrigerator for a year, but as of now it still looks new and has survived the antics of three small children, including one that likes to use the drawer handles as ladder rungs to climb up into the main part of the fridge. Design It's gorgeous! We've never had a prettier fridge, inside and out. The only design flaw I've found is that the snack drawer seems like it should pull out an extra couple of inches. It's hard to get to the things stored all the way in the back.

Maricopa, AZ


Samsung RF4287HABP 4-Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator


We love our new Samsung refrigerator! It is huge! The drawers open and slide out easily, hold a lot of food and are not heavy when full. The refrigerator holds 2 gallons of milk on the door and keeps them cold. We have never run out of ice as I found over and over in my research on this refrigerator, We find that it has enough ice for 2 heavy water drinkers, but we haven't had a party and don't have a large family. We'll have to see. It has one shelf that slides in for tall items. It is easy to organize. I would have been happy with any new refrigerator after having my Kenmore for 30 years, but my husband wanted a bottom freezer. I am very impressed, I must say. So far it is wonderful. The only drawback is how loud it is when the ice drops. It startles me often. I am sure I can find a way to put something in the ice container so when the ice drops it is not so loud. I was aware of this from all the reviews I have read. The first refrigerator delivered was defective. The display panel did not work. I called Samsung a few hours after it was delivered for support thinking I was doing something wrong. They had me call the store and said to tell them to deliver a new one. In a few hours I had my new fridge and it's been a joy ever since. Samsung's customer service impressed me as I had heard mixed reviews online with some of their products, but I can say I think they have stepped up their game with their customer service and their refrigerators. We got a great deal and couldn't be happier. We have had refrigerator for several months now and it continues to run flawlessly and quietly other than the ice dropping. Noise Level Ice cubes are loud when dropping into empty container. We use a ton of ice and it took awhile to get use to the ice dropping sound when container is empty. It is also loud when dispensing ice. Those are the only drawbacks to this frig. We really do absolutely love it. Interior Organization We have dropped a few things behind the bottom freezer drawer when pulled out. They were not too bad to retrieve. It would help if I didn't overfill It! Temperature Control Right on the money each and everyday! Durability We are very picky with what we buy and we can say that we love this refrigerator. We've not had one problem with it. It has a ton of room in it and we love the drawers. They automatically glide back in on their own. I was concerned that when full they might be heavy for me to pull out and that just isn't so. We have packed the freezer and still it opens and closes easily. Design We love this refrigerator. I had read some complaints about the icemaker leaking. This will only happen if an ice cube gets partially dispensed. All you have to do is dispense the cube. This happens once in a blue moon. We use this icemaker much more than the average household and it keeps up and works like a charm. It is a bit slow dispensing, but I would not say anymore than any other icemaker. I do not see this as a problem as I had read while researching.

Dawsonville, GA


Samsung 28 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator RF4287HABP / RF4287HARS / RF4287HAWP

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