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P2770H, P2770HD
Samsung 27 in. LCD TV

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Great monitor!


I purchased this for a computer monitor about a month and a half ago and so far I am extremely happy with my purchase. First of all the product game very securly packaged and included everything I needed to hook it up. This thing looks huge on my desk but is thin enough to not be in my face. The color quality is wonderful and the teh contrast ratio makes everything pop. I have used it to play video games and to watch a few blu ray movies and everything has looked great. The only real problem I have had with this is that it automatically selects the input and scrolls through them each time until it finds the correct one. This makes its use as a monitor frustrating if you do overclocking, which I do. It usually does not find the correct input until Windows is starting and it is to late to enter your bios. You basically have to press buttons blindly and hope for the best to get to your bios or change the boot order. Over all I am very happy with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone in the market.

Pickerington, OH




The Samsung P2770HD is a great setup if you want a monitor and T.V. at the same time. The physical appearance of the P2770HD is aestically pleasing. The clear bezel on the edge of the monitor looks fantastic. The touch activated buttons on the front of the P2770HD are superb and also pleasant to look at. They activate when touched for a few seconds. This monitor also comes with a vast multitude of connections. This comes with 1x HDMI, 1x Component, 1x Composite, 1x Coaxial. One major problem of the glossy exterior is that it scratches fairly easily. I scratched mine the first day I purchased it. The screen is also great because it has a matte finish. Therefore, light does not shine on the screen and cause you to be staring at yourself instead of doing your computer work. Another issue that you may encounter is that if you use this as a PC monitor through HDMI, it will not automatically shut off when your computer is sleeping. I don't know why it does this, but I heard that connecting it to your computer through DVI does fix this problem. When connected through HDMI, it goes to a "No Signal" screen and stays like that without shutting off. Overall, great set up but scratches easily and the "No Signal" screen bothers me at times.

New Brunswick, NJ


Samsung P2770HD is an excellent HDTV option


*Pros:* HD compatible, HDMI, TV tuner, good contrast and color, stylish, and it also has speakers.I purchased this monitor to replace a CRT TV in a hole designed for 28-inch TV and no larger. After weighing my options, this stood out. The TV tuner picked up all of my digital cable channels and some of the free HD cable channels, though, if I wanted the channels I pay for in my tier, I would have to get a box from the cable company. I only use this in a bedroom so I really cannot comment on the functionality as a computer monitor. This is a basic TV without any of the higher-end TV extras, like internet connectivity or the ability to fine tune the image much past four or six settings. *Cons:* As many have stated, the stand is a little flimsy. I can walk by the unit and hear it wobble slightly, but there is no danger of it tipping over. The case is stylish but the piano black will draw dust and fingerprints if you move it. The remote is a bit basic, but easy to use. Because this is a CCFL LCD, the TV makes a slight buzzing/humming sound you can hear in a quiet room if the TV is muted. Turning off dynamic contrast and keeping the backlight at 10 made it less noticeable. The speakers are weak and tinny, even in the quiet environment of a bedroom. I eventually purchased a cheap pair of speakers. The remote is basic, but very usable.  

Simpsonville, SC


Samsung 27 in. LCD TV

4.3 3