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Samsung 25 in. LCD TV

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Good tv!


I purchased this and it could be used for a monitor or a TV and I decided to use it for a TV and the picture is pretty good, unfortunately my cable does not provide me with HD so I have to watch everything wide screened and it ended up being decent and grainy at some times. But for the power cable if you can't get it to work with just a click you have to hold the TV and pusht he power inside hard since it doesn't fully go in. I was using my TV with the power adapter half out for about 6 months until it stopped working and i figured out that you ahve to push it really hard to pop it in.. The TV is very nice looking and it has good sound it is also very space saving. I would recommend this to other people as a monitor or a TV since it is one of the better portable small TV's out there for a decent price. If you were to buy this I suggest you buy it when it is on sale rather than when it is full price as this goes on sale.

Pinole, CA


She's purdy


What caught my eye about this LCD was its looks.  Samsung sure makes some pretty looking LCDs.  This LCD is not primarily used as a television, but you have the option with the built in tuner.  It does not look as good as the much slimmer XL2370, but if you have a bigger screen (2"), more inputs, and the built in tuner, I think you have a winner.  It features 1080p resolution, a low response time,  and a nice looking glass border around the monitor. Like the older generation Samsung 2333HD, it has bad viewing angles when you're watching television.  The best angle is when the monitor is at eye level.  At that level, the monitor looks great.  The colors do sometimes look a bit saturated but still very good overall.  Again, this is not a TV and mainly focused as a monitor.  I use this with my PC though I'm sure it'll work just as well as a TV in the kitchen.  I realized this monitor only had one HDMI port while the 2333HD had two which may be a deal killer for some.

Sugar Land, TX


Nice picture for a good price


I've got this TV in my living room right now and it looks great, as does the picture. HD channels in particular look outstanding. Easy to use menu and interface, and the remote is not too complicated like some other TVs.

Ridgefield, CT


Breath-taking picture quality


This television was the first flat screen high definition television that I have ever purchased. I was a little leery about making such an investment, but let me tell you that I was not disappointed in the slightest. I have now owned this product for approximately thirteen months and the picture quality alone is enough to make me want to buy another one the next time I am in the market. It is absolutely astounding to be able enjoy my Indianapolis Colt football competitions in such clarity. I am sure there are other brands that produce television sets of a similar pedigree, but i know that Samsung is reliable so I have no reason to deviate from the brand I know that I can rely upon. There is no other way to watch television than one of these machines. Make sure that you subscribe to receive high definition televeions service, as the high defintion television alone isn't enough to give you the affect you need to fully appreciate what you have. I would recommend this product to anyone. Enjoy!

Boca Raton, FL


Great for a small room


i orignally purchased this tv not knowing much about these hdtv. After doing some reseach after the fact i relized that i indeed had a good buy. The first thing about this tv is that it has a great price. Looking for simialar tvs im conviced that this tv was the best for its price. Right out of the box it was incredibly easy to set up. One issue that i ran into was that i didnt have a hdtv cable so i had to go back to the store to purchase one. The tv has a great contrast ratio and fitted perfectly in my kitchen. One thing i will say is that i wish i had gotten a bit of a larger tv but that not the tvs falt. As far as outputs go i dont know much other than that the hdmi was enough for me. I would strongly reccomend this tv for anyone that is looking for a solid tv for every day use. Just make sure that you have a sturdy base to put it on or you could end up with a broken tv. And as far as the warrenty goes i wouldnt purchase any extra service plans.

North Canton, OH


Samsung 25 in. LCD TV

4.2 5