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Samsung 23 in. LCD TV

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Wonderful tv for small room


The Samsung 2333HD 23inch LCD HDTV is a great choice for a small room, apartment, and the like. I used it in conjuction with my Xbox, Xbox 360, and Over the air HD channels, and it performed great. The tv is very light and easy to move. Resolution is wonderful, color reproduction is great. HDMI ports work great. It has all the typical connections you will ever need. The sound could be louder, so I had it connected to a small stereo used as speakers, and this setup was more than adequate. I did use it as a computer monitor several times, and it looked great. Very good choice for graphics and video design. The stand that comes with it could be better. It is a pain to install, and feels very flimsy as a base for the tv. The whole tv does creak if you move it, but the main part at least seems solid. I used mine for a year and sold it. I never had any problems and reception of HD channels was great. I would definitely recommend this tv to anyone looking for something small.

Cordele, GA


Terrible viewing angles but the Samsung 2333HD is a great combo


If you are planning to use this as a monitor and occassional TV programming, then I would recommend this product form Samsung. If you are planning to use it only as a television, then I would not recommend it, because the viewing angles suck on this television. Looking down, looking above, or looking from the side makes the colors looked washed out where you can't really see anything. As a monitor though since you'd be looking straight on, it's great. You have a lot of inputs (component, HDMI, DVI, composite, and VGA), bright and clear picture, and good response time. I wish it came with a swivel stand but you can tilt it a little if needed. This monitor is cheap now since this was released a few years ago (2011 now), but it still works great in my opinion. It's still stylish, easy to use, remote is responsive, channels switch quickly, and the picture quality is not bad. I do think the colors are a little saturated though and the blacks aren't the darkest but then again, this isn't a Pioneer/Panasonic plasma so I"m not complaining.

Sugar Land, TX


Great picture Quality


The Samsung 2333HD 23" LCD Television has superb picture quality. This is the second Samsung LCD I've purshased over the years and each have had a top-notch picture. The downside, to each, however, has been sound. Unfortunately, however, this seems to be a problem for all High-definition televisions with their "tinny" sound. This can easily be resolved with a home-theatre system, though, personally, I have not bothered. It's not a big deal to me. Anyway, this television has a nice picture and plenty of inputs. The remote is functional and not more than I need, which is good thing. There is also a small blue light at the bottom of the chassis which may be annoying for some, but I've managed to live with it so far. Overall, this is a tremendous television for the price I paid. An absolutely stunning picture with DVDs and High-definition broadcasts, and decent picture quality for Standard-broadcast. 5/5.

Edmond, OK


Great monitor, OK tv


I use this monitor/tv as my primary external monitor hooked up to my white macbook via a minidisplayport to dvi cable.  The quality when displayed through the macbook is excellent and after calibration the colors seem accurate.  There is no blur on the screen and text is clear, especially after choosing pc for the input in the tv's menu system.  I also used the monitor's speakers for a bit connected to my macbook via audio in/out, and they are exactly what you would expect.  Flat, hollow sound, but loud and clear enough for everyday pc tasks.  For music listening and movie/tv watching you will most likely want more.  I took care of this problem by hooking up some maudio studio monitors which provide great sound (bx5a deluxe to be specific).  I rarely use this monitor as a tv, but when hooked up it finds all analog/digital hd and nonhd channels with ease.  However, changing channels is often slow and lags a bit.  The design of the monitor is excellent, really like the blue light in the front (you can adjust brightness/turn off).  The stand is "ok" but the vesa mount holes allow you to use a 3rd party stand (I'm using a dell stand with pivot/tilt/up/down adjustments).  Great deal for a monitor/tv though.

Staten Island, NY


Not the greatest LCD TV


I bought this Samsung 23 in LCD TV back in December and recently the component colors went out.  Usually a LCD TV's colors do not go out within a year.  There was also some issues after the first 5 minutes it turned on like rebooted itself or did a self check. I probably got a lemon HDTV and should of taken this one back in the first place. If the monitor you buy has problems take it back within the time for the reciept otherwise you have to deal with the manufacturer to send it back and get it fixed.   I recommend to shop around and know what you are getting for a combination monitor/TV and make sure read the reviews before you buy the monitor.  I do not recommend this model.  I recommend the 23 in Samsung LED LCD that replaces this model.   This monitor did not last as long I would expect it to and definitely has some issues with the monitor. 

Pueblo, CO


okay TV


TV's are pretty much standard item. when you go to the store they are all lined up so you can compare but when you get home there is no comparison. This is is a nice little TV, not the best but then again you don't really need the best thin in this size.

San Diego, CA


Samsung's 23" 108p amazing clear picture with lots of extras


The Samsung 23" 1080p full HD provides amazingly sharp displays on both your tv ad computer screens.  The set-up was easy enough for me to understnd and Iam technically challenged.  The menu controls are very easy to use and the channels can be selected using the autofind feature.  All of the required cables and batteries were included and easy to locate.  Another nice feature is that it is not space consuming.  So, you can use it in the kitchen or even the workout room.  If desired, There are wall mount fixtures included so you can hang it on the wall if desired.  This allows for more floor space for space restricted areas.  Not being overly "techy" I did have an issue with my picture appearing overly sharp and a bit hard to read.  My father fixed it easily by reducing the resolution by one level.  The picture looked much better.  Another nice feature of the SAMSUNG 23" 1080p full HD is the easy to use remote control.  You can use the remote control to program channels easily.  Overall, This TV was a great value.

Newark, DE


Great TV!


I purchased the Samsung 23" TV Monitor because it is both a television and a computer monitor.  It is a brand name product, so I expect it to last a long time.  It has 1 DVI input, 1 VGA input, 2 HDMI inputs, and 1 component input.   It does not have a composite video input or a S-Video input, but this does not matter unless you intend to hook an older device to it like a VCR.  It has a full 1080p resolution so you can watch movies up close.  It also comes with a remote control. It works great as a TV set, the picture is excellent, it has vivid colors and deep blacks.  It also makes for a nice high-resolution computer monitor, images are crisp and sharp.  The sound is not great because it has small speakers. Because it is a 23" TV It would work well in a small office, bedroom, or kitchen.  The cabinet has the same sleek contour design as the larger Samsung flat screen TVs.  This is a nice product that works great.    

Tempe, AZ


Excellent picture and value


I purchased this Samsung 23" HD LCD TV Monitor as a the 2nd TV for the bedroom and I am quite happy with it. It is a really good looking Television... shiny black and it has a wonderful picture with great color and clarity. There are many options for sound and picture size. You can also hook this up to your computer to use as a monitor but that isn't what made me like it. I also like the fact its reasonably priced. Not too many downsides, I'm still getting used to the sound but that could be because my other TV which this one replaced had such awful sound so it could be me and not the TV.  

Alva, FL


PERFECTION! What more can I expect from Samsung?


I was looking for a small 19 or so inch LCD HDTV that I could also use as a computer monitor, and I discovered GOLD. 23 inches of crisp, clean, bright, vivid, colorfulness! Dolby Sound, but not as loud as it should be. 2 HDMI ports, 3.5 mm headphone jack, nice remote, sleek, clean style and a good TV tuner. Just make sure you have a good antenna.

Bronx, NY


Samsung 23 in. LCD TV

4.2 10