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Samsung 23 in. LCD TV

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Big, Crisp Samsung 23" TV/Monitor


I had a nineteen-inch monitor for a long time, and I never had any trouble with it. I finally just wanted a bigger monitor, and I had been told that Samsung was one of the top two makers. If you have ever gone from a small monitor to big one, you know that it is almost like getting a new computer, so dramatic is the difference in ease of reading web pages and in navigating. I had no trouble setting the monitor up to provide the proper resolution for my text and games. The default brightness setting was too bright for me, but I was able to change it to my preferred brightness without difficulty. The games and videos I watch on it when I am supposed to be working seem almost as clear as the video I watch on the regular television in the living room. The only thing I can't report on is the longevity, but so far there has not been a single glitch or indication of any possible problem. Altogether this has been an excellent purchase.

Stockton, CA


Great little LCD monitor


This was my first LCD TV monitor ever and I'm very satisfied. I bought this to replace my broken old little TV and use it also for a PC screen. I got the monitor out of the box and was very happy to find that there weren't no dead pixels or anything wrong with the LCD. This LCD has good, sufficient connections. I would love second HDMI connection, but one is okay. My monitor is in great use; its connected to PS3 with HDMI, Wii with component and PC with DVI-D. The menus are easy to flip through for a first-timer but touch sensitive buttons on the TV are pretty hard to see and they are not always responsive to your touch. The image that this LCD produces is really good, colorful and crisp. And it looks fantastic if you watch HD material. Old CRT TV's had pretty clear and good sound on the back - these new LCD's are so slim that you can't add so powerful speakers to it. In spite of that the sound is still passable. But I think if you use this monitor only as a TV, you should buy a bigger one. If you have short distance watching area like me and use it predominantly for a PC screen, it fits like a glove.

Atlanta, GA


Samsung TVs are simply the best out there


I bought the 23" Samsung TV for my home office and have it wall mounted.  I love this TV.  I work from home so the TV is on all most all day.  I have had it for years - not one problem.  The sound quality, picture quality and design are perfect.   Will buy this brand again and again!

Blacklick, OH


Samsung 23 in. LCD TV

4.7 3