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Sally Hershberger
Sally Hershberger Salon Body Fix Hairspray

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The best I have ever used


I have reviewed other Sally Hershberger products before and loved them, so whenever she has something new on the market, I immediately try it. I have very fine, limp hair that is difficult to style and to get to hold a style. This Salon Body Fix hairspray is wonderful. I have two cautions before your read any further -- one is that it is expensive as most salon brands are and the other is that you must shake well before use. I have never had a hairspray that needed to be shaken first before. Anyway, it is very light, but hold really, really well, even in humidity, so if your hair is fine and limp like mind or tends to frizz in humidity, I would definitely suggest trying this. The best part of the product for me is that once you spray it on dry hair, you can add instant volume as you are styling your hair with your fingers. There is no stickness or the feeling of residue on your hair as you have with other hairsprays. It is instant volume and no residue. I don't use it for everyday as it is too expensive for that, but it is great for those special occasions when you want your hair to stay in place and don't want to look like you have a helmet-head.

Sacramento, CA


Sally Hershberger Salon Body Fix Hairspray

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