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Sally Hansen
Sally Hansen Smoothing Mineral Lip Treatment - All Shades

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I was very interseted in this product and wanted to try after a friend told me about a coupon she had , so I went and bought it and it was a great price so I bought two. I shouldn't have. It was very sticky. I loved the colors that I bought, but it was so sticky that I felt like I couldn't talk to anyone because my lips sstuck together evrey time I tried to talk. Embarassing. The look of the bottle was very nice and normal and the use of the applicatyor wand was good. Maybe a little flimsy, but it worked well. The price was great because it was on sale and i had a coupon, but it wasn't worth it. I don't think that I will try this again. I got it at a drugstore close to my home and the I have never tried Sally Hansen products before. It was fun trying something new but now I don't think that I will try this product again. Sorry, but I don't think that I would recommend this product to anyone. Thank you very much.

Fair Oaks, CA


Sally Hansen Smoothing Mineral Lip Treatment shine


I love this lip gloss. Its smooth and adds shine to my lips and the price is good and worth getting, it softens and soothe at the same time and I love the colors they have. I don't have that heavy feeling, its a light feel.

Orlando, FL


outstanding, long lasting lucious shine


I bought the Sally Hansen line smoothing mineral lip treatment in the Alexandrite shade and it is fabulous.  No taste, nice fragrance.  The shine is great and it stays in place a very long time.  I wear it alone and can be confident that I won't be constantly re-applying it to have that polished, (pun intended) look I want.  Try it.  It'll become a staple in your makeup bag.

Asheville, NC


Sally Hansen Smoothing Mineral Lip Treatment - All Shades

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