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Sally Hansen
Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Plus Nourishing Nail Color - All Shades

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Sally Hansen Maximum Growth is long lasting


I bought Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Plus Nourishing Nail Color not because I need help with my nails growing - I have no problems with that - I bought it because I really liked the color. I bought color #29 Honor which is a beautiful mauve with just a bit of sheen to it. The label says it contains Vitamins A, C and E and has soy protein which sounds great for my nails I guess (although it really sounds like something you're supposed to eat). Anyway this color is really nice, not too bright or showy but a nice subtle pinkish. My husband even commented on my nails looking nice. But what I liked the most was that it went on very smooth and evenly and it really lasted. I had no chipping for two weeks and then it was mostly that my nails were growing so the polish was coming away at the edges. I didn't find that this took any longer or less time to dry than your average nail polish. I would definitely recommend this polish.

Sherwood, OR


Did I get a bad bottle?


I wanted a subtle color so I purchased Pearl Wisdom. The color is pretty after first coat and little less pretty after 2nd but still pleased. The frustrating thing about this nail polish though is that it peels off my nails so easily! I apply two coats and then a couple days later it's starts peeling and I'm not sure why. I have a one year old and it's hard to find time to do my nails so when I do do them, I would hope they would stay decent looking for longer than a couple days! I even emailed Sally Hansen and asked them why this polish would be peeling but no answer.

Henderson, NV


Sally Hansen Nail Color goes on nice and smooth.


I tried Sally Hansen's Maximum Growth Plus Nourishing Nail Color in shade number 50, Caring Clay. It's a pearlized shade and usually one of my favorites. It's on the brown-side with a minimal amount of pink. In the bottle it looks like a shade I'd like, but when I put it on it was much lighter and pinker than I expected. After applying multiple layers, I got the shade I like. To be fair, the bottle does say to apply two to three coats. The polish itself if very smooth, somewhat thin, and easy to apply. It goes on very well, without any little bubbles or blotches. I have found it to wear well. The product says it contains vitamins A, C, and E, as well as soy protein. I presume these encourage maximum growth and nourishment, as the name implies, but of course I haven't seen any changes in my nails. When I use nail polish remover, I have noticed that the polish comes off more easily and completely than some other brands.

Wheaton, IL


Pearl Wisdom color pretty nail polish not so good


The pink color was pretty on the first coat, let dry for ten minutes put on another coat. Let dry for 15 to 20 minutes put ice cold water on to set the color. Within the first couples of minutes doing anything the polish was ruined on four out of ten nails. Does not last.

Leominster, MA


It's okay, nothing special


Sally Hansen advertises that Maximum Growth Plus Nourishing Nail Color: 1. The first nail polish with vitamin technology! 2. Patented formula hydrates and conditions. 3. Soy Protein strengthens and fortifies nails. 4. 24 fabulous shades give nails something to grow for. My personal review? Its just alright. I haven't seen any significant growth to suggest that this product encourages growth at all. Also, it takes FOREVER to dry, especially after applying multiple coats. I'll go to bed with the polish dry to the touch, and wake up with little indents and marks in the color. Then I have to paint them all over again. Its quite frustrating actually...I'm not too sure on which color I specifically have but its a light pink. I keep forgetting what a hassle this product is to use and love the color so I continually use it and am overall not completely satisfied. Overall, I wouldn't suggest buying this product. Opt for another polish.

Portland, OR


Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Plus Nourishing Nail Color - All Shades

2.8 5