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Safety 1st
Safety 1st Travel Ease Playard, Ice Cubes

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Ok Play Yard


I got this for my son when he was first born. It's really just ok. Though I really don't have anything to compare it so, since it's the first one we have had. I do like that it is gender neutral and it was a really great price. It has two wheels that make it easy to move around. The folding/unfolding is a little difficult to grasp. Each leg has to be in a certain position for it to fold down or even pack up correctly. I have had this for over a year and still have problems with it sometimes. I like that it has a travel bag to carry around. But it is a little bulky and pretty heavy so we don't really take it too many places. We did use the bassinet part quite a bit. The play yard was in our room and our son slept in the bassinet part for quite a while. The only downside to the bassinet is the it kind of curves up at both ends. It doesn't lay totally flat, so the baby kind of sleeps at an incline. Since the bassinet bottom fold up, it has 4 folds in it. This also make the laying surface a little uneven. We lay a blanket over it to make it a little softer. But it is a very sturdy play yard. It's easy to clean up and easy to store.

Warrensburg, MO


Safety 1st Travel Ease Playard, Ice Cubes

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