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Safety 1st
Safety 1st Solid Wood High Chair

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Very nice wood high chair


We received the Safety 1st Solid Wood High Chair at my baby shower and have loved it. I prefer wood over plastic, as I like more natural things and this is a great wooden high chair. Mine came with a either-sex cloth pad that looks nice. When looking on the internet this high chair is much less expensive then the Eddie Bauer wooden hight chair and has held up very well through two kids so far and now my sister in law is borrowing it and I will get it back and use it for our baby thats dues in December. You must make sure to take off the tray at least once a week and wash it and the main tray or food can mold under there. But the tray it very convenient as I just stuck it in the dishwasher about once a week to have a more thorough cleaning then just being wiped down once a week.  I love the simpleness of it and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a high chair. The cloth pad is also easily removable to be washed also. 

Amboy, WA


Absolutely loved this high chair!


This is an awesome high chair. I loved the fact that there are 2 trays. It is easy to clean. I was worried about the white pad staining but it washes well. It nexer stained. Also this chair is great becuase it can match the rest of your dining furniture and not be tacky. The trays can all come off for later years when the child can eat from the table. A very good buy. Chair will last forever. Love it!

Vancleave, MS


Cheaper then the Eddie bauer and nicer too!


This high chair is great for the price. It is very sturdy, yet easy to put together. Both the wood and the chair pad are attractive and blend in nicely in a dining room. Although it is a bit bulky, we just pull it up to the table like any other chair and it stays out of the way. The removable top panel from the tray makes clean up a breeze. We registered for the Eddie Bauer chair but didn't receive it at our shower, so we ended up buying this as an alternative. I am glad we did, it actually looks nicer than the EB chair, and it was cheaper. This chair can be difficult to clean and I don't really use the seat pad that much, but it looks fantastic with our dinig room set and my son loves it! I this the safety harness is lacking a bit for younger children, but we didn't get this until my son was 8 months old, we used the bebe pod with the tray before that. I love the heirloom quality of this highchair - it doen't make you house look like babies r us!

Oklahoma City, OK


Safety 1st Solid Wood High Chair

5.0 3