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Safety 1st
Safety 1st AdapTable High Chair

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GREAT Safety 1st Adaptable High Chair!


I received the Safety 1st adaptable high chair for my baby shower while I was pregnant with my twin girls. I opened the high chairs and put them together when the twins were about 2 months old. They were a little complicated and time consuming to put together, but worth it in the end! My twins who could not yet hold themselves up fit perfectly into the high chairs, they obviously were not in them for feedings but they just loved laying back in them and being able to see everything. When they were old enough to be fed in the high chairs they were great! I loved the adjustable height so I could sit any where and feed them and they could sit right up to the table with the family! I really like the fact that the tray insert comes right out and can go right to the sink to be washed. The girls can sit in their high chairs to eat their meals, snacks, and then recline and drink their bottles! Another great advantage is that there is a little hook on the back of the high chair to hang the tray!  I would most definitely recommend this high chair to everyone!

Cambridge Springs, PA


Safety 1st AdapTable High Chair

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